You are powerful beyond measure.

Ready to step UP into your greatness?

Greetings Goddess Changemaker!

This is a sacred and powerful time to feel called to a greater purpose.

Join me to learn how to unlock your inner greatness and feminine power to build a Spiritpreneur mission & movement you love!


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Take a deep breath.

Repeat after me.

Now, are you ready to fall in love with yourself, answer your calling and take your Spiritpreneur vision to the next level?

Welcome home.

YOU are the ONE you've been waiting for.
If you have a big, bold, inspired life calling, then you are in the right place.

What is a calling? Having a calling means that you have a message or a mission. My purpose and passion is to help you to activate that Spiritpreneur mission.

It is time to STOP PLAYING SMALL and STEP UP into your FULL POWER.

If you were looking for a sign THIS IS IT.
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People Are Talking

  • Through intense homework, discussion,that forced me to dig deeper, think harder and touch on my own blind spots when it came to how I felt about myself as a business woman. I’ve been able now to see the prospects and my vision. If you were to go to Abiola with a similar want but unable to exactly get the pieces together, she’ll be able to help you create the blog or the business that you’re looking for."

    Kara Stevens The Frugal Feminista
  • Abiola Abrams took our campus by storm with an in-depth program on how you can motivate and develop your inner “me” and learn how to make transformation happen for yourself.

    If you need some healing, some motivation, some skills and strategy, some direction on personal life issues, then working with Abiola is for you!"

    Brent Reeves Director of Multicultural Affairs and International Student Services


  • You have always known that you were different.

    That's because you were born to be a leader.

    Still, the only thing blocking your blessings is you. Let's unblock our energy so that you can unlock your blessings.

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  • The Spiritual Business Success Camp is all radical action. You DOUBLING your Spiritpreneur Business means doubling your message, your INCOME and reach AND us doubling the light, magic and positivity in the world. As spiritual business people we are naturally dreamers. We live in our heart chakras. Building a business and manifesting your BIG BOLD BRAVE dreams requires us taking radical action.

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  • Are you earning what you're worth? Or are you undercharged, overworked and overdelivering? It's all about your B.S. -- your Belief Systems. Whoo hoo! The “Unblock My Money Blocks Challenge + Mini-Course” is free to join and participate. There will also be opportunities along the way to get additional help and guidance from your 9-Day Money Mindset Challenge host, Abiola Abrams. Our goal is to build an active, supportive community of goddesses who are stepping proudly into abundance!

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  • When you launch your coaching business and put out your digital shingle, it can be terrifying.Even though you know that you are in alignment with your purpose, can really help people and know what you are doing, there is still the period of doubt that everyone faces. "Am I good enough to coach others?" "Why should they work with me?" "Am I offering anything they haven’t seen before?" "How can I convince clients to hire me?" All of these questions are perfectly natural.

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