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Abiola Abrams

I’m Abiola Abrams, America’s Self-Love Coach, and this lifestyle blog is Sacred Bombshell Living.

SACRED BOMBSHELL: (noun) a woman who loves, honors, and cherishes herself; in mind, body, and spirit. 

What is this blog about? This is a movement  about living life as an empowered and healthy passionate adventure.

So what else can you find here?

This addictive #SacredAndTheCity blog features: articles, videos, tutorials, diaries and advice about all things passion: juicy self-love, relationships, healthy food, entertaining, inspiration and celebrity interviews with a healthy dose of empowerment. So glad that you’ve joined me!
Our BLOG themes? This addictive blog is obsessed with healthy living, positive relationships, wellness, miracles, and mind, body, spirit empowerment.
Abiola's Welcome Message for You!

 I am the author of “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” PLUS your Sacred Breakthrough Coach, Columnist, Love & Lifestyle Writer, I am passionate about with your HAPPINESS.

The #SacredAndTheCity Lifestyle is about JUICY SELF-LOVE, OUTRAGEOUS JOY. OPTIMUM WELLNESS & INSPIRATION. Whether you want less fear, a better relationship, healthier body or more creativity at work, going within is the key. 

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Zuyapa Jackson, Abiola Abrams, Linda Wells

Photo: Brittney M. Walker

Favorite Self-Love Dialogues

  1. Amel Larrieux, Yoga, Healing, and Motherhood
  2. Gabby Bernstein, Meditating for Love
  3. Tamar Braxton, Being Fearlessly You
  4. Issa Rae, Taking Awkward to Awesome
  5. Laverne Cox, Social Justice and Activism
  6. Zuyapa Jackson, Women, Loneliness, Friendship
  7. Emily Tepper. How to Receive Your Blessings
  8. Kysha Brown Robinson, Facing Fears for Success
  9. Asa Soltan, How to Live Your Life As Art
  10. Donna D’Cruz, Yoga, Self-Love, Feminine Energy



>About this Site

>The Breakdown…

when a woman decides to love herself smaller


Abiola Abrams

Abiola Abrams


Select speeches and talks by Abiola Abrams…

  1. Stop Playing Small (Video)
  2. Emotional Eating Workshop (Video)
  3. Flirting as a Sacred Practice (Video)
  4. So What, You’re Still A Rockstar (Video)
  5. Rise and Shine for Artists (Video)

Natalie Uhling and Abiola Abrams - Nufit Under Armour Fitness on the Roof Abiola Abrams - Empowerment Coach abiola abrams abd patranila jefferson

This is not your Mama’s Lifestyle Blog. Here’s where you learn to live like you mean it.

This is about daring be imperfectly you in a world that says you should be cookie cutter. The Goddess Lifestyle is about living big and bold and coloring outside of the lines. Messy is more fun.


Sacred Bombshell Body Love, Body Acceptance, Weight Release Faves

Favorite Posts on Body Wellness

  1. Respect for My Kettlebells & Running Your Own Race
  2. Michelle Obama Arms Workout with SusieQ
  3. How I Released 55 Unhealthy Pounds
  4. Printable Healthy Journal
  5. Tips to Help You Keep Your Fitness Resolution
  6. Don’t Let Yoga Intimidate You! 
  7. “Self-Being” & Mindful Eating
  8. ‘Heel Hop?’ Stiletto Fitness Realness
  9. 3-Day Clean Eating Plan
  10. Cleansing Toxins from Your Love, Body, and Spirit

whether you think you can

Abiola Abrams - Life is meant to be fun


Abiola Abrams Cooking Joan Get Em Girls

Healthy Bombshell Cooking & Recipes

  1. Homemade Harlem Hummus (Video)
  2. Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon: Cooking with the Get Em Girls (Video)
  3. Easy Sauteed Asparagus: Cooking with the Get Em Girls (Video)
  4. Mojito Salad: Cooking at Native (Video)
  5. Wine Tasting 101: Nectar (Video)
  6. What do I eat now? Cooking with Rhonda Peters
  7. Marilyn Monroe’s Stuffing Recipe
  8. How to Make Almond Butter: Cooking with Rhonda Peters
  9. Marcus Samuelsson’s Scandanavian Gravlax Salmon (Video)
  10. Lychee Gin Martini: Cooking at Native (Video)


abrams by adam bouska


Abiola Abrams and Emily Tepper

lifestyle experts

Donna D'Cruz & Abiola Abrams - Meditation Goddess Energy

Abiola Abrams and Super Ivi

Abiola Sacred Bombshell

Susie Q Fitlife and Abiola

Abiola Abrams, HOPE Sculpture in NYC

People will always have opinions about who you should be. As long as the loudest voice is yours, you are on your way. Turn on your mental strobe lights and let the party begin.

After all, if you can’t love yourself, you can’t really love anyone else.

Passionately yours,

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