Anger Management 911! Abiola Coaches Talk Show Rageaholics Ruining Their Relationships (Video)

Anger Management 911! Abiola Coaches Talk Show Rageaholics Ruining Their Relationships (Video)

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Do you know or love someone who has anger management challenges or has trouble controlling their emotions? Of course. We all do.

“A rageaholic or anger addict is a person prone to extreme anger with little provocation. While rageaholic is not a formal medical diagnosis it has been developed as a lay psychology term by counselors and anger-management groups seeking to help people who are chronically angry and who compulsively express fits of rage.” There are also 12-step programs such as Rageaholics Anonymous and Emotions Anonymous. -Wikipedia.

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Hey Lovies!

As you know, I am a resident love and life coach on the CW Network’s “Bill Cunningham Show.” The wonderful thing is that no guest leaves without being offered help for their issues.

In this clip, I advise adults dealing with self control and anger management issues that are affecting their family lives and their romantic relationships. Find great advice on dealing with our of control anger from using empathy to maintaining a hostility log at Mind Tools. Other things that can help are learning to laugh at yourself, meditation, forgiveness and interrupting the anger cycle while it’s happening. This is of course before reaching blackout level rage.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nger by itself is not a negative emotion. In fact it can be quite cleansing. However, rage is something different altogether. Rage increases cortisol levels and creates an unhealthy body for the “rager” and mental and physical space for others. Cortisol is known as the the stress hormone. We can stop at any given time to observe whether we are acting out of fear or love.

I can sympathize as I not only have the personality trait “HSP,” Highly Sensitive Person, but I have dealt with extreme PMS and anxiety at times. We  also could benefit from knowing more about the power of emotions and allowing them to be an empowering force in our lives — rather than a dis-empowering force.

Download a hostility log worksheet here.

Love, Abiola

brain emotions infographic

Medical Disclaimer: This is not an attempt at diagnosis. If you suffer from any of these issues, this blog is for informational purposes only. Consult your own physician for best treatment.

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