Calling All Crabs! Special July Birthday Horoscope for Cancers (Love + Life) from Grear

Calling All Crabs! Special July Birthday Horoscope for Cancers (Love + Life) from Grear

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Our resident astrologer Grear shares her love and life astrology for CANCER the month of July…

Hey Rockstars,

This month we’re trying something a little different. Here’s Grear’s juicy horoscope for Cancer, the birthday sign and then we’ll post the other zodiac signs in another post.

As you read, surrender our attachment to standard language and allow yourself to be captivated by Grear’s unique means of expression and phraseology.

Enjoy — and please pass it on to a cancer that you love.

Your Astrology RIGHT NOW, Written by Grear

Wholeness. Wellness. Balance.

3:33 pm

This feels like family and I treat it as such; with love and generosity. With that said, consider yourselves warmly and lovingly privileged to a privileged share.


Cancer: Ceres, the Great Mother, the Nurturer, Scarab (where it’s said they get the word ‘crab’ from), the Intuit, the Home, Our Ancestors.

For those that read last month’s column, and even the one before that one, it’s no secret my love for Lauryn Hill. She’s not just my favorite celebrity Gemini, she’s my FAVORITE TWIN period. I’ve decided to list the same for all the other suns too.

Cancer rules the breasts and the stomach region on the physical body. Note the mid section of the actual crab’s body. Note its many arms/legs (interchangeable), its missing neck, its eyes. All energetic attributes of those bearing the Cancer sun and or moon, or ascendant. Or all three. The sun and moon could all be in the first house–I’ve seen this aspect before.

The Moon rules Cancer, solely. Y’all get Her all to yourselves. How cool is that? It’s the Moon caressing Cancer is what grants you your great intuitive abilities. Always trust your heart and your feelings, though delicate, yet, highly attuned to a plane greater than this one; making it (your senses) nine times out of ten, accurate. Never betray this!

Its also said that Cancer rules Afrika, hence the handle The Motherland. As mineral-rich as Her soil is? This is highly plausible.

I’ve discoursed with fellow astrologers on this highly complex note: The Scarab denotes Immortality, the Truth having no beginning, (yet we know that there’s a certain entity that’s trying ever so desperately to see to it that it has an ending; even to the point of messin’ wit’ nature) no ending. It being the Great Mother, makes it the Elder, ancient. Yet, the elder of the zodiac is Pisces. The adults are Capricorn and Aquarius. The young adults are Scorpio, Sagittarius, by the way, this is definitely one of the reasons why Sags are so much fun! It’s the twenty-year olds at the zodiacal roundtable.

Now follow me, if its written in countless astro-tomes that Aries is the infant of the zodiac, Taurus the toddler, Gemini the playful twins… but Cancer the Great Mother? It’s about then, when we decide to leave it alone and pour another glass of wine. Don’t get it twisted, I, we, still believe whole-heartedly that the Mother title rightfully goes to Cancer, but…

OK, moving right along…

Cancer AstrologyYou may have caught one of those cool quotes floating around, the one that shows a beautiful picture of animals in nature, then the caption on the side of it states, paraphrasing: humans are the only life-forms on the planet that has to pay rent to live.

After reading and continuing to scroll downward, I found myself thinking about the words Iyanla Vanzant said in one of her archived lectures, paraphrasing: “You’re not even promised love, you’re not. All you’re promised here on this planet is food and shelter.”

With all the “homelessness and famine” in the world, what did Ms. Vanzant mean? We’re promised what millions are denied and the others pay dearly for? If you’re familiar with Iyanla Vanzant’s work, you know she’s brilliant! I refer to her, in some cases, as my literary IV. So we know she just didn’t pull that compelling statement outta her neck.

It was time to study, no, STUDY.

I heard IV state the aforementioned back in the ’90s, when you, well, I, wasn’t as apt to just take to the internet to try to reach her via email to inquire further. All I had were my books and the library, where, of course, Moor books lain in wait. I read. I read. I studied. I studied. Still, I couldn’t satisfy my intellectually hungry senses regarding what she said: “All we’re promised is food and shelter.” Then I thought: “I’m just reading astrology and metaphysical books, perhaps the answer will come in some other form.” So I released the desperate hunger to figure out what IV meant. As with everything, most things, when you let it go, IT WILL COME.

Cancer Zodiac JulyOne day while walking home I noticed a pregnant woman. Yes, we see them all the time, but for some reason, it was that day, and that particular pregnant woman image that delivered all sorts of pregnant possibilities for yours truly. I knew the life housed in her womb didn’t have to pay for its nutrients and current biological home. It’s promised that by virtue of the laws and nature and of course, love.

And later on, I hear Iyanla Vanzant declare on a Tavis Smiley show, “I Am Love.”

She answered that part (of her earlier pronouncement) for me right then and there on Tavis’ show. We’re not promised love because WE ARE LOVE. God doesn’t have to promise you what you already are. You need only heal spiritually and psychologically to reactivate it!

Also, after reading a Howard Zinn history book, just in the first chapter alone, I discovered that man did once live shelter (the land) and food (they tilled their own soil) free. Devolving from self-sufficiency, interdependent to dependent, occurred due to a whole nutha reason, a sinister one–but that’s a discussion best reserved for another time.

After those discoveries, I recalled something else I read, but didn’t really ‘hold’ it at the time. In one of the pieces perused, it stated: “Tauruses and Cancers are the most caring of the zodiac.” With Taurus ruling food, satisfaction, and Cancer ruling the home (not to mention, breastmilk), I KNEW right then and there why a certain faction would want those areas of life to be greatly disturbed, disrupted.

You see, if one has peace at home and peace in nourishment, they’re at peace. THEY ARE PEACE. WHOLE.
They really don’t need anything [or anyone] else. The bully isn’t comfortable with this! Peace is disturbing to him. Hence, the homeless and famine facts of life being kept in place [displaced]… sadly.

“And the ones on top, won’t make it stop, so convinced that they might fall.” ~Lauryn Hill , “Everything is Everything”

Note: The real reason they are doing her like they’re attempting to currently do her. Study pass your comfort zone–field of knowing.

Back to the Moon Child…

Where I purchase crystals, the store’s owner is a Cancer. And she said to me one day, “I’m mad that that disease and my sign has the same name.” I replied, “I’m sure you know why, right?”
She looked at me quizzically, then answered, “Uh, no.”
I went on, “You’re aware that the woman, feminine principle, has been suppressed, oppressed for eons? Watch ‘The Science of a Woman’ on youtube, it’ll all gel then.”

The Truth comes in layers, fragments, it’s sometimes best to just direct versus instruct. We value it [the knowledge] Moor when we think for ourselves.

The great Assata Shakur is a Cancerian Woman. I read her autobiography and was completely ALL-IN. I dreamed of Lauryn Hill playing her in her bio-pic one day. Huh, like Hollywood would ever permit that. Spike Lee would have to Power Up one day to bring such a dynamic work to fruition.

Assata comes to mind cause not too long ago I watched a DVD titled “Seven Crowns,” or was it “Seven Kings?” Anyway, it was a compelling one. It’s about some men from South Jamaica, Queens, telling their historical individual and collective stories. One man speaks of how they used to war with one another in the 40 Projects area till one day ‘they’ came. “They” being The Black Panthers. He went on, paraphrasing, “This woman, no more than five-foot-or so jumped out and TOLD US, ‘STOP FIGHTING EACH OTHER. You wanna Fight? Fight Us. But don’t fight one another.” Due to the stern countenance on her face, they KNEW she meant business.

And it worked. They built a boxing center, let off steam that way, and, well, unfortunately, they also gave way to what’s described in the “Vatican Secrets” with Jordan Maxwell.” Making moolah relaxed inner sparring too– for a spell, anyway.

But in that impromptu visit Assata and crew made out to Queens, and the order she issued, all tenets of Ceres, by the way…after so many years that moment STILL had a Powerful affect on him–the narrator of that frame. For I, it was evident why. I continued to look at the TV and then said out loud, “She’s a Cancer in its purest most unpolluted form: The Great Mother.”

Moor (Not More) Moon Memories:

There was the time when I worked in law enforcement and a fellow female officer I knew came in to my area, all breathless, winded, I jumped into action, “What’s the matter?!” I yelled running to her side.

Her: “Girl, he’s sooo…soo….” She was catching her breath.

“So what?” I asked, wanting her to complete her sentence.

I could suddenly sense that the energy she emitted wasn’t ‘the kind’ of energy that marked DANGER. She remained a wee bit excited. I calmed down and returned to sit down. A wide pretty incandescent smile broke through the previous winded worried expression she bore. She resigns, “He gonna be i’aght.” [all right]

  • I ask, “Who’s he?” I’m thinking she was referring to her partner.
  • She answers, “Fiddy.”
  • We’re in our 30s now.
  • She’s from the South Side, I’m not. I had no idea to whom she was referring. “Who?” I asked again, loosing patience.
  • “Fifty Cents!”
  • Now, I’m old enough to know of the one that hailed from Brooklyn, but I also knew that that one had made the transition years ago.
  • She continues, “You don’t know Fifty? Never heard of him?”
  • I’m like, “No.”
  • She went into what had just happened to him and how she just got word.

What I did notice as she was speaking, was the glow, the moon glow on her as she beamed on about him. It wasn’t clear to me at the time if he knew her in kind, but she was completely enamored with him.

Cancers, Moon Babies, usually have the moon sitting on their face. Their eyes, facial sheen, magnetic energy–for better or worse.

I asked her, “Girl, you a Cancer?”

She responded dreamily, “No, but he sure is.” He, being Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

Cancers can leave (effortlessly and in most instances, unconsciously) quite the impression on you, and the transferred glow ON YOU will be proof thereof.

That was the season I was listening to a lot of Maxwell. Once I start a regimen of playing a particular artist in my Diskman (yes, I walked with a Diskman back then; I’m so dating myself), it’s all about that artist for a spell. It was time for Gemini (Maxwell) to move to its cosmic neighbor, Cancer (50 Cent), as my walking auricular pleasure.

She waited till I got off duty and drove me to one of those mom and pop record shops where one could cop those underground mix tape/CDs, so I could see what or who had ignited her in such a moonstruck way.

Then there’s Mike Tyson. Another all-time fave of mine in the Cancerian sun department. Gosh, did I have a crush on him as a teenaged girl. I worked at a place back then where I had direct contact with boxing insider Steve Lott. He invited me to a party once over the phone, I declined. As a nervous seventeen year old, I just knew I couldn’t be in the same room with the champ and not dissolve. He may not even notice me, yet, I’m still over in a corner nervously chomping on vittles, and yes, dissolving. Lol…

One of my then-teachers said to me, as a young girl, “You know why you like Mike, right?” I innocently and honestly replied, “He’s a cutie.” Yes, he’s cute to me!

She continued, “No, not just that, but he’s a Cancer.” I knew this due to a “jacket” matter, I’ll share on that in a bit. But how did she know or figure that’s the reason why I liked him? She knew my natal math before I did.

Over time, more and Moor opportunities arose where I could have met him, but… well, you know the rest of the story. Yes, nervous, shy me just couldn’t seize ’em. Even a close friend to the family had access to the champ.

MawuPoint-in-Case: One of my big sistas (in spirit, not blood) has a disabled son and Mike used to visit him and the other kids at their school. My big sis stated that he was warm and ingratiating. In passing, she complimented Mike on his coat. He thanked her then out of nowhere, took it (the jacket) off his back and gifted it to her. After she told me that, I yelped, “Cancer! He’s a Cancer.” Full of jubilee. I didn’t guess that astro-sun of his. I knew it.

She told me how he even came by to the visit the crib, once. Chill, purely platonic. She resided in the projects. This is the ’80s [in da ‘hood] at the height of his celebrity-hood. It was late at night or shall I say, wee hours in the morning. He came alone. Do you know how HIGH my crush meter went up for Mr. T. then? I’m from the same projects, and wouldn’t trot through there at that hour during the period in time!

Some made/make fun of his speech patterns, but I knew he KNEW/KNOWS all due to the Great Mother insight that’s inherited in these natives.

Then there’s: Phyllis Hyman, Fantasia, Lil’ Kim, Jim Jones (rapper), Eddie Griffin, Kevin Bacon, Gary Busey, Octavia Butler, Phoebe Cates, Michael Phelps, Bill Cosby, Harrison Ford, Thurgood Marshall, Blondie, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvester Stallone, Missy Elliott, Princess Diana, Lena Horne, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Mary McLeod Bethune (all Hail! Much Gratitude), Ed Bradley, Mel Brooks, Dan Aykroyd, Wendy Williams, the late great Florence Ballard and La La Anthony.

My utmost favorite celebrity Cancer? Yes, Beah Richards. If you seen the documentary HBO aired on her life, then you already know why. I honor and cherish her professional offerings (and her personal being) to this world with every grateful cell in my being. She epitomizes Ceres forward, frontwards and backwards– WHOLENESS in her nurturing. Nurture in her WHOLENESS. Selah.

Again, I am eternally grateful.

Mercury, the planet of communication, logic, will go retrograde mid month and remain in that seemingly backward [slowed down] state till around August 8th. To be safe, if you like, back up all the data on your hard-drive[s]; though corporations with titles like “life-loock” scare me. Be mindful of “wording” and want you merge with. Just a suggestion. In short, just find a safe way to back up your work. Do this before the 15th. Be sure to sign important documents before the 15th as well. By now, you know NOT to make any big ticket purchases while Mercury is Retrograde. This Mercury Retrograde tenent applies to all, not just Cancers, though I’m in their chapter typing right now.


I just thought of a scene in one of the old “Odd Couple” shows where Felix cleaned the wall where Oscar had all his hot numbers listed. Unapologetically, Felix advised that he put his numbers in a phone book. Oscar exclaimed, “You can lose a phone book.” He grasped the wall, then adds, “I didn’t think you could lose a wall!”

For some reason, that one scene came to mind when I penned my notes for you, Cancer. Not advising you write on your walls this month, YOUR MONTH, but I do advise to hang some kind of bulletin where you can write important numbers/notes on that. Losing phones, gadgets, etc. came up a lot this month for you guys.

Try not to walk with what you value. Which is hard, the pouch (see the crab’s mid area), bags, is a Cancerian entity. Its claws just loves to clasp on to something. It can kinda feel naked being hands-free for too long a time. Just tote what you don’t mind misplacing or losing.
And for a Cancer, such selection could prove challenging, y’all don’t wanna lose sh*t!

With Mercury Retrograde in Leo: Leo rules the Heart. Meaning, what you may lose could be something near and dear to your heart. Again, walk carefree…just till August, you can do it! 

Watch Control Freaks. They may have you on their radar this month. If you are one yourself, cease and desist at once! If not, you’ll really put yourself in alignment with such crazed energy.

Monies due or owed to you could finally appear. Don’t sweat it. Let it.

Be Generous to those that are less fortunate. Yes, we ALL ought to do this. But you Cancer, you have a particular aspect this month that dictates you exact this charity. Water Signs are typically naturally generous, due of the element of water itself–it f l o w s, thus, no one will have to twist your arm to do it. Generosity doesn’t necessarily have to be dispensed monetarily, you can give of your time and heart. Find a group home, ask if you can speak to the children. Visit a nursing home, ask if you can read to or engage the elderly there. There are souls out there dying (literally, in some cases) for loving attention. Commune with Ceres, if you must, she’ll guide ya.

In all that you offer, make sure it’s on the up and up. Be discerning, don’t allow anyone to take your kindness for a weakness!

By mid-month, dreams should be plentiful and fanciful. Be sure to logged them in your dream book. I also see some discord in the home, a pulling away of some kind. Since it’s hard for Cancers to let go, this person could be someone else. Reevaluate everything connected to the family and the home, and if at all possible, implement this reevaluating away from home. You get out before they do. This sudden distance of yours could alter the trajectory of their exit-strategy. That’s if…of course, you want them to stay. If not, then, by all means, let them flee. Be Free!

But if you want to save this connection, disconnect, heal, then reconnect.

Kahlil Gibran wrote in his famed tome “The Prophet” on marriage, paraphrasing, “Let there be separateness in your togetherness.”

“We all instinctively honor the flows in the sea, but we gotta learn to honor the ebbs too.” ~Mama G.

Mid month, book a trip, it’s best to go somewhere peaceful, you need the alone-time. Discipline with eating is in order as well. It’s too hot to cook anyhow. Take to preparing summer salads, using only organic vegetables of course.

Take extra special care with authoritative figures. Sudden ish could pop off! Avoid them if you can. I usually reserve this for those I do individual special readings for, but as mentioned above, while this column’s readers remain few in numbers, like a family, I’m inclined to dole Moor: Cop the herb Cinquefoil. Carry that on your person this month. This could help when you find yourself speaking to or with authority. There’s few I’d share this with. You lucky MoonBabies. 🙂

Now, on a lighter note:

Did I share this tale already?

There was a New York City based radio personality named Star that once said, “Cancer women got some good…” While listening to his show that early morning at work, I spoke at the radio in response to his declaration, “And I know why.”

Never thought I’d meet him one day at an event. I handed him my card, told him to call me, that I’d tell him why. He called, offered me an interview to be on his show to not only tell him, but tell all of the airwaves too. Enough with that tale. Just know being a water sign, or having it on the ascendent or even as your moon, your receptive abilities is unmatched! Plus, Cancers tend to have an overactive lymphatic system. Can be a very good thing in this instance. A natural moisture… OK, I’ll stop. Some things are best left for a book.

All in all, Moon-Ruled-Beauties, it’s your time. Enjoy it. Stay Hydrated. Stay Peaceful. And above all, stay nurtured and nurturing.

Crystal to work with: Carnelian Merkaba Star (be sure to ‘clear’ it before you wear it), good for the Solar Plexus region.

Love and Optimal Health!

Mama G.

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