Dealing With A Break Up: Advice After the Break Up (Reader Mail)

Reader Relationship Advice: Healing From a BreakUp 
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Passionista Principle: What’s the best way to get over a break up? Have a pity party, cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it!
I received the following letter from my awesome and lovely facebook buddy Kelly. Here’s my answer, finally, Kelly!

Dear Abiola,
In 2006 I lived in Ireland where I had my first proper boyfriend, the first boy I ever slept with. We were together 2

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  1. Sophie

    Abiola, I totally needed this today. 🙁 Much appreciated. I am not Kelly but I sure relate to her. Breakups are rough.

  2. Kelly

    Ab, I've read and re read your response and I'm feeling stronger and more clear headed each time. I can absolutely get through this! I've printed out your reply and it's up on my wall. Thanks once again x

  3. Abiola

    ?Sophie – sending you a BIG HUG. Yes, breakups are rough. But you will get through it…

    ?Kelly, you are absolutely a phenomenal woman. Don't deal with anyone who shows you anything less!


  4. Anonymous

    I just happened to read this because would you believe my "ex" player..aka..boyfriend posted it on Facebook. This is almost identical to Kelly's story, however, we are in our early 50's & you'd think I would've known better….guess not! He is now gone and out of my life after two years, with the last year both of us threatening to break up almost daily but never did. I know now it is over, or actually really never began. Thanks for the advice you gave to Kelly as I feel much better after reading it. Players really suck and I also think they are true women haters! Try to see the signs they give even if you don't want to see them and STAY AWAY from these kind of men!

  5. Abiola

    Dear Anonymous,
    I agree. Players think that they love women but it is usually the opposite. And to be honest with you they usually hate themselves too. I can't believe in his 50s your guy would still act like that.

    Keep your head up. Stay strong. There are many blessings in your future.

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