DivaScribe UK Magazine Interview: Talking Life & Media with Abiola

DivaScribe UK Magazine Interviews… me!
DivaScribe Magazine Faith Evans cover with Abiola Abrams inset photo.
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DivaScribe Magazine: Photo by Joseph C. Carey
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DivaScribe Magazine

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DivaScribe Magazine; Photo by Joseph C. Carey

Hey Rockstars!

I was honored not only to be interviewed by British magazine DivaScribe but I’ll be doing a new syndicated column with them. Check out the interview below where we talk about love, career and heartbreak.

Here in the states you can buy DivaScribe Magazine at any Barnes and Noble bookstore, so be sure to pick it up. DivaScribe is a new Conde Naste publication sold throughout Europe, Africa and the US, aimed at global women of the diaspora.

Interview Text From DivaScribe Magazine by Tanya White
Abiola, the Lifestyle Passionista, is a woman of many attributes, a broadcaster, writer, and media producer who

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