Dr. Roshini Raj Talks Tight Jeans, Toilet Infections & Male Menopause

Dr. Roshini Raj Talks Tight Jeans, Toilet Infections & Male Menopause

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The new book What the Yuk? promises to answer our most strange and embarrassing sex and body-related questions. Recently, author Dr. Roshini Raj sat down with the women of The View to answer questions featured in the book plus co-host concerns. We actually learned a few things.
What the Yuk: The Freaky & Fabulous Truth About Your Body on The View
Q) Can tight jeans hurt my body?
A) Dr Raj says yes! Tight jeans can put pressure on your bladder, irritate delicate vaginal skin and even cause nerve damage on your thigh.
Q) Why am I a drinking lightweight before my period?
A) Dr. Raj says that during PMS the progesterone fluctuations decrease alcohol tolerance. So it’s not just in our heads!
Q) Public Toilets – How unhealthy is it to sit down?
A) Dr. Raj says surprisingly, “Not that bad.” Our skin not our genetalia is what touches the toilet. She says that as long as you have no cuts you’re fine. She reminded The View crew not to put purses on the bathroom floor. A surprising fact that I’ve never considered: The toilet tissue roll in the public restroom is a hotbed of germs because every flush spreads feces and urine. Bring your own toilet paper. And yes, I’ll still be squatting.
Q) Is it normal to have orgasms all the time, like at the desk or gym.
A) Dr. Raj says that many women have spontaneous orgasms without direct stimulation. Whoopi Goldberg offered up her TMI about riding the bus, pun intended.
Q) Are colon cleanses helpful?
A) Dr. Raj says no. “There’s no medical reason to do it. If you feel backed up add fiber.” And be careful with any backdoor insertions. Yes, ma’am.

Q) Is there male menopause?
A) Dr. Raj says, absolutely, and it’s called andropause. Testosterone falls in aging men but not as dramatically as estrogen decreases in aging women. Joy Behar offered up the scientific evidence of older men leaving their wives.

Q) When bathing suit shopping can you catch anything from the protective paper crotch inside of the suit?
A) Dr. Raj says yes. It is very dangerous to take your underwear off when trying on garments that have graced other crotches. Ewww.
What the Yuk? just hit stores and women are already buzzing. Buy What the Yuck? by Dr. Roshini Raj wherever you buy books.


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