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Please note: This empowerment coaching offering is exclusively for heart-centered entrepreneurs, spiritual business women, future fearless leaders, and professional creatives.


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Become the Guru Bootcamp

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What is the Become the Guru Bootcamp?

Well, the name says it all…

Become the Guru Bootcamp is a 7-week intensive specially designed to position you as a respected “guru” in your field. Yes!

Become the Guru Bootcamp is about you achieving Guru Status as a Superstar Influencer in your niche so that you can: increase your expert status and raise your profile online, build your client and customer base, grow your community and tribe, get media coverage, and make a difference.

This group coaching empowerment program is 100% virtual. That means that you can take it from wherever you are. All you need is computer and internet access, and a burning desire to answer your calling, live your purpose, and step into your Business Bombshell greatness!

You have a calling for a reason. This program is an immersive experience created to give you access to the keys to your Queendom.

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Hello Beautiful,

Abiola Abrams This is your moment.

Living as the old you no longer works. You are on this page because you are tired of suffering.

You are ready for your life to evolve. Today is the day. It is time to make your life over at a cellular level.

You are ready to rise into your shine. It is time for a sacred re-birth.

Knowing that you are not living up to your calling is painful. 

As a speaker, writer, coach, and retreat leader, I do only one thing.

I support Big Vision Women who have a Big Bold Calling and empower them to heal, remove, and release the barriers that are keeping them from fully birthing The Big Vision. We simultaneously reset, reshape, and recreate that vision to fully live up to your calling.

This is beyond goal setting and vision boards. This is about stepping into your greatness and stopping playing small.

I am holding a space for you to create miracles and magic with your mojo!

P.S. Hope to see you in the SACRED BUSINESS ACADEMY program “Become the Guru Bootcamp!” Find more info here at SacredBusiness.Academy.



What is a Big Vision Woman?

Why this is the time for life coaching...A BVW is a woman with a HUGE, Sacred Calling that keeps her up at night; every night

My work empowers women who have a soul purpose to change the world. This includes heart-centered entrepreneurs, spiritual business women, wanna be fearless leaders, and professional creatives. Is this you?

This is definitely not for everyone. Having a Big, Bold, Vision is not for the faint of heart. It can feel easier to just live out the status quo and don’t make waves for the rest of your life.

Although the work that we do together will be focused on creating shift in one area of your life, it will create shft throughout the very layers of your being. When you are aligned with your purpose it is easier for you to do what you came to do.

How do you know if you want a Big, Bold, Brave, Bombshell Breakthrough?

First of all, you NEED a big, bold, brave, bombshell dream. Then you must have a soul urge to give birth to this dream.

That’s right. Being a Big Vision Woman has nothing to do with need. This is about the need to answer a calling. Your calling.

What kind of woman do you need to become to birth your vision?

That’s where our work begins.

This is for you if:

  • You have a calling that you can no longer ignore
  • You are too afraid to move forward
  • You have too many ideas but they never come into fruition
  • You know that you are not living up to your potential
  • You feel overwhelmed or stuck
  • You are always NOT READY YET…
  • You just want to RISE to the next level!

Hear Me Roar Coaching Programs

Rise into your shine. You were not given a calling by accident. Shift yourself. Restructure your emotional DNA. Unblock your blessings

Why should you answer your soul urge?

You don’t get a life – you create a life! And most often, you recreate your life because life doesn’t only have a first act. You may have a second act, a third act, and even a fourth act.

Why now?

Usually, my clients have just been through a Sacred Shift. I define a Sacred Shift as a time of transition, or a mega life transition…Is this you? Are you in transition? Evolution happens. Maybe you have a new business, or you were fired, or you’re going through a divorce. Maybe you’ve just had a big birthday. Or a personal “Dry Life Crisis” or a Dark Night of the Soul,

Either way, this is your time.

Q: So, what do you know about it, Abiola?

"You are Enough!" Abiola AbramsI am intimately familiar with being afraid or feeling “not ready yet” to put yourself out there.

I know what it feels like to have a big dream.

I always knew 3 things for sure. I knew that I was born to somehow motivate people. And I knew that I was born to do it was with my writing and using media like television.

There was only one problem. I was TERRIFIED. Scared. Afraid. In DEEP fear. And did I say SCARED? Of everything.

I was super shy and I felt like I needed validation. Unfortunately, I had the habit of seeking validation from those who would shoot me down. Then I felt resentful and jealous of other people I saw shining in ways I was afraid to. My insecurity issues made it hard for me to ask for my worth in my work.

I am from an immigrant family, so I know how to hustle. I am a natural workaholic because I am so jazzed about what I do. However, HUSTLE without the key components and magical spice we will uncover in this retreat will KEEP YOU STUCK.

I am a fourth generation empowerment specialist. My great-grandmother was a midwife and women’s fertility healer. My mother is a Shakespeare-quoting ex-schoolteacher. Her aunt who raised her ran a de facto Bed and Breakfast known locally as “The White House.” My father is a journalist, minister and Ivy League grad. Both of my grandfathers were hard-working farmers with my amazing grandmothers making it work at home. Rising into my shine is in my blood — and YOURS.

Like “Ma,” my great-granny, I help those who feel “pregnant” with their BIG DREAMS to give birth to themselves. I am the midwife of your dreams. That is my purpose – to help you step into your passion. I stand on the majestic shoulders of all those who came before.

Folks used to ask me, why are you so happy? People assume that if you’re joyful, “you’ve never been through anything.”

Let me illuminate:

Like you, I have been through “stuff.” After a 10 year relationship and a dream wedding, I learned the man I thought was my soulmate no longer wanted a monogamous relationship with me. I was recreating familial patterns of anxiety and infidelity. Anxiety and self-loathing manifested for me in several forms including people pleasing and disordered eating that started in my childhood when my family and I were bullied for not being “real Americans.” The cure for living a stunted half-life was to learn how to release suffering and choose to live as who I really am.

What are you really afraid of?

Your 13 Biggest, Baddest Empowerment Blockers:











  11. STRESS


  13. “THEM”

Uh – huh.

In other words, FEAR has many faces…


Well, here’s the truth.

Fear is a Liar.




How to Register for 1-on-1 Coaching:

(Subject to availability)

1. Fill out this coaching questionnaire so that I can get to know you better.

It’s not WHAT about you want to do but WHO you want to BE.

Don’t worry – we’ll make the WHAT happen, too.

I want to know what your calling is and what is keeping you from it.

2. Email Team Abiola and let us know that your questionnaire is in the queue.

3. Or call (865) ABIOLA-TV.

What will it take for you to accomplish your goals?

-Business Testimonial Video from Kara S., 30s, New York, NY.

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