4 Exciting Ways to Create the Perfect First Date!

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4 Exciting Ways to Create the Perfect First Date!

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The first date is an exciting event, but many people get very worried leading up to it. Here are 4 tips, which should help you to put your mind at rest. Don’t forget to watch the flirting and smiling advice video below, too.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’ve had your eye on someone and you’ve finally managed to get yourself a date, you’ll be keen to impress. The first date is an exciting event which can set the tone for any subsequent meetings, and many people get very worried in the run up to their rendezvous. Never fear – just follow these tips, which should help you to put your mind at rest.

1. Remember, That There’s Less Pressure Than You Think.

Okay, first dates ARE important to an extent. After all, both of you are trying to judge whether the other is a good fit, so that you can decide whether or not to see each other again. However, the best way to do that is to relax.

Abiola says: It’s just a date!

Think of the date as an opportunity to have fun and flirt outrageously, not to assess your admirer as a potential life partner. The fact that they either asked you out or accepted your invitation means that they’re attracted to you and that they want the date to go well, too. Stop worrying so much!

2. Smile, Smile, Smile.

If your date is as fun as it should be, try not to be shy. Smiling and laughing will help to guarantee a fun, flirty mood, and studies have actually shown that smiling faces are more attractive to the opposite sex. So remember to brush your teeth before you head out!

If you have some  teeth that make you feel self-conscious, either accept yourself as you are or change them. Being miserable about something for years is not healthy. It might be worth investing in braces, which these days can be completely invisible. For those in the UK for example, there are many orthodontists in London who can help with this. The same for New Yorkers or anyone in a big city.

3. Wear the Right Outfit for YOU.

Obviously, your choice of outfit will be determined to an extent by the type of date you’re going on. Jeans might be too casual for a restaurant, and that little black dress won’t lend itself to a bowling date!

Whatever you do wear, make sure that you feel attractive and comfortable. If you’re not worried about how you look, you’ll subconsciously appear more confident – so you’ll be sure to win your beau’s heart.

4. Make Sure You’ve Got Something to Talk About.

There’s nothing worse than an awkward silence on a date. The very thought of it is enough to make most people cringe. Prevent this outcome by swotting up on some interesting conversation topics.

How did you meet your date? If you work together, whatever you do, don’t act as if you’re speaking at the office! If not, learning about someone’s job is a natural part of getting to know them.

Try to read up on current affairs and pick a couple of subjects which you think lend themselves to conversation. If you know about any of their hobbies, try to do a little research; everybody finds it easy to talk about themselves and the things they love.


Rosie Waters is a journalist and blogger from Brighton in the UK. She loves her work, and is currently writing a book which will explore the intricacies of the dating world.



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