[Vintage Abiola] How to Make a Lychee Lotus Gin Martini (VIDEO)

How to Make A Gin Martini Cocktail: Bombshell Cooking Video; Abiola at Native Restaurant in Harlem
Abiola Abrams at Native Restaurant in Harlem, USA. (Video below.)

Abiola busted checking out Ary the sexy bartender. (Video below.)

The Lotus Martini – yum! How to Video with recipe below.

Abiola and Ary at Native Restaurant in Harlem. (Video below.)

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watch the VIDEO…

Hey Rockstars,
This is the first in a series of fun episodes that we filmed at Native Restaurant in Harlem. Ever heard of a lotus martini? Me neither, but it was absolutely delish. The sexy bartender Ari made the Lotus Martini with old school gin, lychee and well… You’ll just have to watch the video above. If you can’t see the video How to Make a Gin Lychee Martini Cocktail click here.
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  1. dave

    Yummy video Abiola – you, the bartneder and the drink looking GOOOD. lol

  2. Darren Miller

    Abiola, I love making and creating cocktails. It all started when I was working in Ibiza as a rep and I was on a tight budget. We always brought bottles and tried to create our own concoctions. Here is a few recipes:

    Fruit Blast Martini Cocktail recipe

    1 oz Bacardi® orange rum

    1 oz Bacardi® Tropico rum

    1 1/2 oz pineapple juice

    1 oz cranberry juice

    Sunset Martini Cocktail recipe

    1 1/2 oz Bacardi® orange rum

    3 oz lemonade

    Martini Cocktail recipe

    1 1/2 oz gin

    1/2 oz dry vermouth

    These are most likely basic drinks to you, but at the time, for me these were life savers.

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