Dear Kenya Moore, You’re So Un-Aquarian! Open Letter to the “RHOA” Miss USA from Astrologer Grear

Dear Kenya Moore, You’re So Un-Aquarian! Open Letter to the “RHOA” Miss USA from Astrologer Grear

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From January 20th to February 18th it’s the time of Aquarius. Beauty Queen Kenya Moore, former Miss USA of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame was born on January 24th, 1971. This not only makes her an Aquarius, but it also makes her “Gone With the Wind Fabulous, honey!” Our resident astrologer Grear has some serious issues with portions of that “fabulosity” and she expresses them here in a sister-to-sister open letter and zodiac analysis. If you don’t read our monthly astrological column, please note that Grear has her own language, spelling, grammar and Grear-isms. Bask and be informed… -aa

Dear Kenya Moore,

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] was a fan back then from win to when in that “Money Ain’t A Thing” video you cameo’ed in with Jigga and JD.  ‘Didn’t realize you were a Water Bearer till now.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Internet has yielded two birth dates for your nomen. Both falling under the Aquarian sun. Per Camp’s book “Love Cards”, both dates also align with diamond cards in the deck, which denote creative ways to make money. You’ve done that. Inspirational. Not just for accruing healthy income, but for the noted national win as well as your charitable foundation. That foundation is the air of Aquarian-altruism all the way. So ultra-Aquarius!

What’s so-unAquarian?

What’s been shown on the national reality TV show [whereas you are concerned] where you currently co-star. I tend to watch the show with a host of others, some are fellow astro-minds, some aren’t, but they are all professionals in their own rite: lawyers, psychologist, a RN, etc. The collective reaction was/is about the same—this can’t be who she really is!

Fellow astro-minds there [and myself] are constantly emoting at the TV, “So Un-Aquarian!”

We realize that as a newbie, you gotta maximize your slot so they’ll ask you back next season. But to reduce who you are for the sake of return? Nah, sis. Nah!

Aquarians are typically quick-on-their-logical feet… Yes, I know the catty-asinine’ness can debilitate sound reasoning, but don’t let it debilitate yours!

If you’ve ever taken a Martial Arts class, what do they stress? Remain calm, conserve your energy, your chi.
I can recall when Wesley Snipes (Leo/your opposite polarity) was on that Mo’Nique late night talk show and he rose to show her some Martial Arts moves, as he begin to speak/instruct, I winced…thought he was about to reveal secrets to her on national TV. He didn’t, but what he did share was how most “ATTACKS” are displaced energy. Meaning, you’re really not iN it! You did nothing to warrant it. They’re just projecting their pain onto you.

Remember how Dr. Maya Angelou would advise Oprah Winfrey about those messy tabloid articles, she’d say to her, “…you’re not in that. You’re not in that.”  Yes, they’ve made it about you [projection], but it’s really about them and their icky innards—insecurities. Ones they aim to desperately deflect by reflecting on yours or what they perceive as yours. And out of no where, too! All could be well, peaceful, in sweet harmony, and that auspicious energy they just gotta sabotage, grandstand to feel relevant…superior. Sigh…so common…so lame.  ‘Couldn’t manage to net it (superiority) via positive acts? ‘Cause truly, they lack the “it” factor. Talentless toxic tarts!

Point and Case:

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fight scene this season in Anguilla. You’re sitting there peacefully, enjoying the evening Caribbean breeze, and Porsha (“265 days a year”) starts iN with you. [BTW, anyone wonders why the network didn’t bother to edit out that vocal-err? That one, or her referring to herself as a ‘test-dummy’?]

Porsha prefaces the nonsense with a couple of kind complimentary items about your character there on vacation, then douses the compliments by bringing up “the old incident” about the charity dinner. The one you abruptly left. Which free-will denotes that you could. What? Was she sore that she invited you to help validate the affair, and your exit marked “validation” walking out the door?

Then she follows you out to the curb and states that that’s where you belong. Huh?  A likely Aquarian return-quip as follows: “Well, you’re standing right out here with me!” Think on your feet, Kenya! By the way, it’s not lost on any of us how she continually brings you up. Continuously! ‘Could be having lunch with someone else, and 265 somehow just feels compelled to bring up your name. Why are you even on her mind at that time?

Slick Rick’s famed verse “Sit down and eat your slice of pizza and be quiet,” just came to mind. Don’t ask me why. Lol…

However, you did exercise that quick Aquarian-wit when “Everyone Knows” noted that a stallion is a male horse and (without skipping a beat) you noted that a donkey is an ass! The Water Bearer intellect in Full-Power-WordPlay there! Kudos.

What troubles me with regards to your Water Bearer cells being dormant [at times] is how you neglect to Remind…Who initiates these tarty torts.  You’re the one on defense!

And approaching that Todd guy over some messyfoefriend foolery? Not a good look. Again, so unAquarian.
I know the feeling of feeling betrayed, in friendship, business, etc. But to seek sympathy from those that’ll be bias to the one that fiscally-betrayed you is an exercise in futility. Your office is moot with all of them—no matter how much legal and or logical sense you make.

We’re programmed in a world that votes the popular vote, not the right and just vote. Study these terms: “Group Think” & “Herd Mentality” for more on this.

Oh, and that reminds me, Kenya, your surname: Moore!

If you haven’t already, please, I implore you, study the Moors! Their history…possibly yours too.
With that—I would have stuck wit’ this: “Y’all focused on my so-called stealing an idea. Yet, no one highlights how she was aiming to steal my efforts, my labor. She said no to the 10% and counter-offered with zip!”

Over here in our circle (one chuck full of Aquarians and legal minds) that’s all we could voice—how is it they didn’t/don’t mention that? What a gross (no pun…i.e.: “gross” as in fiat) oversight.

‘Especially after what Kandi Burruss cried about on that reunion show…what Kim did to her with “Tardy for the Party,” and [tardy, maybe never] wit’ tha royalties too. How could she, especially, not feel any sympathy for you NOT wanting to work for free? Hell, we did (felt some for her) when she did.

Then Everybody Knows tried to get Cynthia Bailey (another WB) to cast for free. Huh? How we do each other… Sigh… I bet you one thing, she ain’t tried to pull that ProBono b.s. with those guys that produced Jane’s video. I bet they’ll net far more than that ten percent you sought, too. Sigh…

Oh Cynthia, Aquarius is a fixed sign; “fixity” finally shown when you cancelled her donkey booty casting call try-out! Kudos! We sung out that Simpson’s melody—Finally, AquaaBoogie has finally cosmically coursed its logical righteous rhythms through you. However, on air, taking a stand with “stallion” over “donkey” yet to only tweet last Sunday that you’re not siding with either cause “business is business.”  Sigh…

Yes, we know, every woman exercises the prerogative to change her mind. But you seem to vacillate far too much that it reads as wishy-washy, flaky, so UnAquarian. Unfortunately, the downside of Libras tend to carry that adjective: vacillation. ‘Gotta see where’s Libra at in your natal chart.

Kenya, pardon the brief departure to Cynthia, but I figure why not? She too is an Aquarian. As is Draya…OK, this will turn into an Aquarian Sista Open Letter.

Kenya, know that your sun sign is your engine; the rays you consciously splay.

The dark side of any sign is the base nature of its opposite sign. Have you ever met a Leo sista or female that repelled you? Did you or do you see yourself as exhibiting those traits—as you watch the show with the rest of the country? No offense to her, but “Jackie”, of “BBWLA”…she’s a Leo. Do you follow where I’m going wit’ this?

Now when you mocked Phaedra Parks in that get-up, we all HOWLED over here! Some even spat their drinks ouT! It was a shocker! Unpredictable. Predictable Aquarius.

But I get the bigger message you were aiming to convey—to highlight hypocrisy. She called you “crazy,” among other names. You wanted to showcase her brand of crazy, or what some may construe as desperate for attention’ness; i.e. “crazy” by some textbook standards. We get that.

But… to try to appeal to “265” how she’s being used as pawn by Phaedra due to y’all no longer on friendly terms? Girl… While this may be true, but setting a lunch date to articulate that point to a mind [what’s shown on TV] like 265’s—why? Wasted efforts. Again, so unAquarian.

There’s a high end to each sign and a low end.

High Air Exhibited Here:

*Recall when Alice Walker (Aquarius) was on that Oprah (Aquarius) show years ago, and Oprah said, not even with the aim of “complimenting” in mind—I didn’t sense. Ms. Winfrey said to us (the viewing audience) of Ms. Walker (while she sat next to her), “I wish I could drink this.” Speaking to Walker’s tranquil energy.

*High End AquaHeights!
To date, I haven’t heard a higher compliment given to another. Although, Mary J. Blige’s, paraphrasing, “…meeting her was like straight finding out what a woman was” said of Lauryn Hill, runs a very close second.
Note: Ms. Hill’s sun sign is air too.
Of the four elements, which one is the ONLY one that can’t be measured? Yes, air.
You can contain it, but not for long…it’ll soon turn to gas and do what? EXPLODE!
Air is also self-reliant. Think about it, fire needs oxygen (air) to burn, earth needs water, water needs air, heck, earth needs air too…all three NEED AIR.
Air is self-sufficient.

Balsamaceous Suggestions:

  • *Find a reader, one that’s good, one you trust.
  • *Find the cell salts that are specific to Aquarius (Nat Sulph, Kali Phos, Ferrum Phos) . *Nat Mur belongs to Aquarius, but it’s written to only take while the sun is in Aquarius—now. Once it (sun) enters Pisces, stop taking Nat Mur.
  • *Research Flower Essences (Rock Water).

Know that your work is your legacy.

I’ll close on that note.


Mama G. <3

P.S. If you like, Kenya, give a listen to an Aquarian—a celebrated highbrow one. We’re all familiar with her body of work—her legacy. She’s a living legend—Toni Morrison. Watch her Nobel Prize lecture here

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