last of the old…

My Dearest Friend,
“Today, My Old Skin Has Become As Dust. I Will Walk Tall Among Men And They Will Know Me Not, For Today, I Am A New Wo/Man, With A New Life.”
-Og Mandino


OK– so today, my birthday, the diary keeping grows? Mmmm– I like that! When we meet again, this will be less record keeping for me, that observations for us– so stay tuned…

I hope that your Summer is all that it should be. There is an energy shift taking place. Shhh– feel that? Now go watch a fantastic MOVIE! My film prescription for you today is twofold “WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW!?” & “BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S.”

I have a feeling in my bones that far too many of use are not fulfilling our purpose. Many of us are caught in cycles of low self esteem if not outright self hatred. Compound that with a focus more on other people’s issues than our own.

If you are ready to stop self medicating with food, shopping, drinking, smoking, judgment, gossip and other distractions and become the THE MOST incredible person that you can be, then check out my upcoming weekly webcast.

Let’s get our hands dirty and shift the paradigm. C’mon– it’ll be fun and fabulous– just like the optimum you. I promise!


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