Leather Diamond Whip? How to Buy the Beyonce Birthday Gift

Leather Diamond Whip? How to Buy a Budget Version of the Beyonce Birthday Gift from Lady Gaga

Question: What do you get a gorgeous pop superstar who has everything for her 29th birthday?

Answer: A custom made diamond encrusted leather whip and matching lingerie set, of course!

Lady Gaga and Beyonce have been besties since their controversial Telephone song and music video collaboration. So it was no surprise that Lady Gaga, currently dealing with her own unauthorized Gaga biography controversy and PETA meat bikini magazine cover would gift Beyonce with something scandalously special for her birthday. After all, diva knows diva.
Enter the diamond black leather whip.
You may not be able to give your best friend, favorite bachelorette, your man or your self with a leather whip dripping with diamonds and worth thousands of dollars but don’t despair. Here’s your budget sex toy Lifestyle Passionista to the rescue. 
This is what I found in the toy chest:
  • Bound By Diamonds makes a high quality, sturdy, black PVC whip encrusted with faux diamonds for your fantasy bedroom pleasures for only $15! Yes, fifteen bucks.
You’re welcome. 

No word on whether it was Beyonce or Sasha Fierce that was most excited about the whip. Our guess would be Beyonce’s hubbie Jay-Z. Just sayin.’

Bonus: If you want to know more about whip play in the bedroom watch my weekly web series Abiola on LSD: Love, Sex, Dating & Drama episodes with Dominatrix Aura Dynamo and BDSM 101 with Leather Goddess Mollena Williams.

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