“The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~Anais Nin


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Hello Beautiful,

freedom woman coaching empowerment programs nycCongratulations. SO glad you’re here. I’m excited to invite you to take part in a very special opportunity CALLED THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Self-love is our curriculum.

CHANGE is not for the faint of heart. I am here to help you co-create your life. You must be ready, willing and able to give up your own B.S. — Belief Systems.

So, I have to ask: Are you ready for change? What makes this time different for you?

My Bombshell Breakthrough Love-Body-Spirit Coaching empowers women in the areas of personal development, heart-centered businesses, body acceptance and heart healing. I offer ONE-ON-ONE coaching in person, via phone and Skype. I usually work in 12-week cycles, 2 hours per week.

Everything comes back to YOUR PERSONAL POWER. There is something life-altering about REFUSING TO PLAY SMALL and STEPPING INTO YOUR OWN MAGIC.

My unique Love Body Spirit (TM) Coaching process is based on tapping into yin or divine feminine energy with a healing and intuitive combination of art therapy practices, cognitive behavioral work, spiritual counseling, neuro-linguistic programming and life-changing modalities including emotional freedom technique.

Stop drinking the Kool-AID, beautiful. Let’s DRINK LIFE! This is the time for that new beginning you’ve been hoping for.

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How to Find Your ConfidenceHere’s how it works:

1. Check out the programs below to become clear on how you’d like to begin. It’s okay if you’re seeking transformation in several areas. We often begin with one objective in mind and then follow your heart into other areas where transition is calling.

2. Let’s determine whether I am the one to assist you on your journey. We can have a free 15-minute Discovery Session or a deeply discounted one-time $169 introductory session. To apply for a Discovery Session, fill out and submit this getting to know you form.

3. For a deeply discounted $169 one-time, 45-minute introductory session, or if you have questions, email: business@sacredbombshell.com. Please note: The one-time $169 discounted introduction session is only for shiny, new clients.

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empowerment coaching for women
Join us on this 28-Day shared journey.

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Abiola’s Love-Body-Spirit Coaching Programs:

1-on-1 & Groups


Self Love Program

“I now choose to completely love, adore and accept myself!”

self love coaching circleEveryone from our mothers to our favorite teachers always went on and on about us loving ourselves. That sounds nice, but what does it mean? Most of us have no clue of how to begin to even do that! Or we think we do until life’s challenges knock us off balance.

The solution is to start with the states of “Self Being” and “Radical Enoughness.” We can begin with wherever you are and whatever you’ve experienced to bring you to a place a personal power. You are a unique expression of the universe who came here to achieve a purpose.

Self acceptance brings us to a place of self love and knowing what we’re worth. Self love is not superficial or about narcissism. When you know in your bones that you deserve joy, happiness, love and abundance, the world is yours for the taking. People pleasing disease and all the ills of life are cured by believing in the authentic you.

“This program helped me to find the confidence to be the real me. I finally realize what it means when Abiola says, ‘You are enough.’ My life is really good finally and it’s just getting better. Abiola tailors the program to fit my life so I have a mentor and coach who genuinely cares about me. I’m not going to lie. Sometimes she kicks my butt but I get back on point and get with the program. She makes sure that what I say I want and the actions I take match.” Kyra T., 35, Princeton, NJ. 

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Heart Healing Program

“I am a magnet for strong, powerful love from my perfect partner!”

Love Coach

Relationship rehab is a powerful reset button that helps you release what isn’t working to turn you into a magnet for healthy love. Whether you’re already in a committed soul mate relationship, recovering from a breakup or actively dating, this program is a jump start to allowing deeper and more fulfilling love.

Many of us feel stuck when it comes to relationships. You may feel like you keep dating the same person in a different body over and over again. The story we tell ourselves about who we are stunts our growth in this area. We think that real love is for other people. We fear that we’re secretly not good enough; that if our lovers recognize us as the impostors we are we’d end up alone.

Pure love is your bright, shiny birthright. In this group we create a workable plan for you to achieve your relationship goal. We actively work on healing any “Post Traumatic Love Disorder” issues that you might have. Whether you’re straight, gay, monogamous, poly-amorous or somewhere in between, we work with the principles of divine feminine energy and the law of attraction to turn you into a love magnet.

“Thank you, Abiola, you helped me to release years of terrible relationship patterns. I feel like I finally have a fresh start after dating losers non-stop. This new chapter is incredible. My new man agrees. This is the love I have been waiting for forever. As you would say, it is right on time. I now know what is possible. We started out working on dating but your support and strategies have improved every area of my life. ” Lisa N., 41, Staten Island, NYC.

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Body Love Weight Release Program

“I am more beautiful than I ever thought possible.”
body love coaching circleWe’re given one body when we check into this life and we leave it behind when we depart. In between we feed it, tuck it, hate it, love it, curse it, use it and abuse it. We forget that this suit that we look at in the mirror is a miracle. There is no way to hate the body and love the self.

We have more fat-free products and gym memberships than ever before, yet there’s an obesity crisis. We spread the lie that it’s cheaper to eat junk food than to eat natural foods while we use food as a drug to numb and distract. We treat our bodies like toilets and then wonder why we look and feel like crap.

It’s possible not only to come to a place of love, peace and acceptance of our bodies, but to adore the reflection in the mirror. When we do so something magic happens. We are meticulous about who and what we allow into our temple. We release excess pounds easily and naturally. Your vanity and your ego are welcome here. This is not just about our divine, glorious health at any beautiful size, but this is about self care, self love and revealing your true beauty.

What if I told you that you could love your body into perfection?

“I thought I really had tried everything. Then Abiola explained that I had not really tried everything because I had never ‘tried’ myself. This was incredible. Is incredible, I should say because so far I have released almost all of the unwanted pounds. ‘Released’ is an Abiola term you’ll learn but as she says it’s not about the scale. That was a hard one for me but it’s about loving your body as is, accepting your body as is. Getting mentally healthy then physically healthy. Thank you.” Diana R., 39, Denver, Colorado.

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Heart-Centered Business Empowerment

“I am an artist in all that I do!”

Creativity Coaching LOAFor women who have created heart-centered businesses life is your canvas and the passion of your your inner power is your paint brush. Don’t believe the lie that you are not a creative person or that creativity has nothing to do with you. This coaching program is for successful women from blocked professional creatives or executives trying to unleash the beautiful artist within.

This program is about building a platform to make money from your work and activating your creative power. Your yin or feminine energy is the energy that creates worlds. Within each of us is the power to birth a masterpiece with every breath. Perfection is not your friend when it comes to creativity or entrepreneurship. It’s time to release the fear of being good enough. We fear the question, who does she think she is? We wonder, what if they laugh at me? What if I fail? What if I succeed?

Many of us are waiting for the perfect moment to begin that certain project or share that special work with the world. The power is in the messy. The trip is the destination. Let’s get our hands dirty with life. It’s the only way to move forward.

-Business Testimonial Video from Kara S., 30s, New York, NY.

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Coach Abiola In Process

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How to Register for Coaching:

Fill out this coaching questionnaire so that I can get to know you better. It’s not WHAT about you want to do but WHO you want to BE — as 60-something-year-old, kick ass, Cuba to Florida swimmer extraordinaire Diana Nyad says. Don’t worry – we’ll make the WHAT happen, too.

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