Life Coaches & Healers: Working with Toxic Clients as an Empath (Video)

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Life Coaches & Healers: Working with Toxic Clients as an Empath (Video)

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Note: The featured photo was taken in Bali with the incredible women of my Abundance Pray Love Goddess Retreat. Blessedly, none were toxic clients! In fact, they were all positive women who will change the world.


Working with Negative People, Difficult People, and Toxic Clients as an Empath…

This is especially for life coaches, healers and one on one practitioners– lightworkers, changemakers and empaths.

As a life coach or healer, you hold space for someone’s transformation and evolution, but what happens when that person is toxic or chronically negative?


Watch! Working with Toxic Clients as an Empath

[YouTube Video Link]

Would you like to do the cord cutting meditation mentioned in this video to clear your energy field? Click here


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