Your February Love Horoscope: Astrology for Aquarius & the Rest of US! The Astro Affair Zodiac by Grear

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Your February Love Horoscope: Astrology for Aquarius & the Rest of US! The Astro Affair Zodiac by Grear

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February is all about love! What’s your zodiac sign, babydoll? Our astrological superwoman and zodiac Queen GREAR IS BRILLIANT. As usual, i’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating astrology. Thanks so much to our beautiful readers who LOVE her accurate horoscopes as much as I do! -aa

February 2013 Column by Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull

“Taking over areas in Aquarius” ~Lauryn Hill (her freestyle live performance of track “If I Ruled the World”)

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]quaBoogie, you are the world. The proverbial cosmic buckle {fasten/fixed} on the astral belt. Suggestion: Watch “Revelations of the Pyramids” on utube, fast-forward to the 1 hr:23 mark—start from there. They’re gonna discuss the four fixed signs (Aquarius/Leo/Scorpio/Taurus).

*Chrissy Lampkin just came to mind (1st season of reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop”), when she said to Somaya Reece, paraphrasing, “I hold him down and I do it very well.”  With her beauty and fullness in body, we (in our TV-viewing circle) looked at each other and said, “Taurus!” Then on the reunion show of said show of said season, she described herself as “solid.” Again, we all looked at each other and said, “Yep, Taurus!”
As a “fixed in mode” energy, you too, Aquarian, serve to stabilize the season. Which one? Yours—Winter.
Stabilize matters.

“…a beast disguised as a human.” ~from one of the Moors astro-booklet publications

It’s often said that there are no two Aquarians alike…yet they’re usually described alike:  “odd” by the not so kind and “eccentric” by the kinda kind. *chuckles*

Knowing what I know about the number nine [], how ALL the numbers are in it. I can see the same for Aquarians—all signs are in it. The soul travels a long way (from Aries and so forth…) before finally graduating to the Aquarian station/constellation. It’s the adult of the zodiac, if you will. Thus, as an adult, you can recall all the stages of your youth, your growth—within you.

Hence, any of the other signs’ attributes can activate in the Aquarian—on a whim. They’re all aspected in our natal chart somewhere, anyhow. Again, Aquarius rules the zodiac. Hence the saying, there are no two alike. You have a host of cosmic-energies to pull from to operate—if you so choose. You are a fixed sign, after all. You may not choose to splay your rainbow. *chuckles*

We know numbers: “11”, “4”, and “9”, yup, I said it, 9—are AquaEntities. But as I perused Sam’s AquaboogieThreadyGoodness {what I’ve affectionately named it} yesterday, the letter “N” was noted as an Aquarian characteristic. The “N” is the “5th” letter in numerology ( ). Per Camp’s book “Love Cards,” “5” is the number of man; five senses, five fingers on each hand, etc.  Furthering the Aquarian/Humanitarian fact.

“Unpredictable” is usually attached to most of them as well. This reminds me of beautiful Aquarian Ms. U.S.A. herself, Kenya Moore…the show she’s featured on that air Sunday nights… Wait. In fact, I’m going to pen an open letter to her below. This is how heavy she’s been on my mind as of late. Not ‘cause she’s Kenya being Kenya, but she’s Aquarius! And exhibiting a whole host of un-Aquarian acts. I’d like to embrace the “dichotomy” label that’s also tact on to the Water Bearer, but… Nah. Not in this instance. OK, enough about Ms. Moore for now. You can read my <open letter to Miss USA here.>

An Aquarian author on my facebook stream the other day, posted that his threaders should embody “divine d e t a c h m e n t” from those that are oppose to your growth. I paraphrased here, but it was along those sagey lines. My eyes reread the word “d e t a c h m e n t” and all I could do was smile. Yet another adjective applied to describe the Water Bearer’s nature. ..even by some non-astrologers.

Now get this, yes, Aquarian can and do master the art of separation, yet it rules groups and organizations. To be d e t a c h e d from that which you rule? Hella POWERFUL!

*I once read that Aquarians are very friendly yet have no friends*
Mentally, I just cut to that Chris Rock (Aquarius) stand-up where he’s talking about the ‘trenchcoat mafia’s’ reported reasoning for why they went HAM that day at their school, echoing them, “we don’t have any friends,” Chris then says, paraphrasing, “Six of y’all did  what you did—that six friends right there! I don’t have six friends now.”
Note: Aquarius also rules friendships, mathematics, DNA…okay, I’ll chill.

Speaking to a great astro-mind, Rob P. one day on the phone with me discussing this science, he shared, enthusiastically too, “…Aquarians believe that there’s a place for EVERYBODY at the table.” Agreeing and smiling, I thought to myself “They sure do, even if they gotta forfeit their own place-mat (plate of food too) to provide for the one left out, on the outskirts of the proverbial skirtsteak.”

  • Hence, the “humanitarian”, one of the main descriptors applied to you.
  • Studying under/with one of the greatest etymological minds I’ve ever encountered, I discovered: Friend = Fiend
  • Aquarius rules the rainbow, the zodiac belt…
  • Not condoning it as apt reasoning, but in this study, I suddenly ‘got’ the trenchcoat’s reasoning, yes, warped as it is, I finally saw it from a cosmic standpoint.
  • Also, the “Frenemies” phenomenon. This too came clear to me while studying Aquarian/Libran/Leo principles. Liken to yin/yang, there’s a dark side to each of the twelve signs.
  • To be without friends would feel inhuman to most. Yet, the Aquarian, that rules this area of life, seem to fare just fine without them—especially as they age. Liken this spiritual strength to the “why bring sand to the beach?” tagline.

Ever met a person that work at a fast-food restaurant and you say to them, “Gosh, it must be cool to eat all the free grub you can?” And they’re like, “No. I don’t even eat it..sick of it. After a while, you just get your full. Done.”
‘Same sentiment wit’ most Aquarians, regarding that dire need most fiend for friendship. Why crave what you are.

Similar state for the Scorpion.
I’ve met some that are sincerely celibate, though they’re thought of as being the Sex Kings/Queens…due to their sun sign ruling the gonads. Then they’d tell you it’s that general consensus that’s one of the main reasons they embraced celibacy.
And they can grip the sexless state of being with relative ease. It’s all or nothing with guys.

I highly recommend also checking out Sam’s AquaBoogieThready Goodness over at www.return2thesource. No, I don’t work for Sam…lol. It’s just great Aquarian insight from Mr. R., worthy of recommendation.
Also, Rob’s 2013 column, good read, Aquarius.

Okay, listen up, for February 2013 Aquarian:

There could be an unexpected romance; if you’re single, Great! If you’re not, well… not telling you what to do, but… Look, I’ll just say this—it’ll be hard to ignore! And they could possibly be a blast from the past too.
Tie up old projects by the eighteenth. The 15th is an ideal time to fast, juice, abstain from sex and meats.
Dichotomy, yes, I know.
Keep a journal, just for inspirational thoughts…they (the thoughts) could download to tha dome in spades. Carry the thing (the journal) around with you. Trust [and document] each and every notion.
Oh, and that “romantic” thing can play out till June. Enjoy!
As is quality time with kids.
International travel during this block of time looks positive.
Near the end of the month, host some precious me-time.
Watch spending habits. And keep a keen eye on Pisces co-workers as well as Pisces business partners and or Piscean types of operations.

Spiritual Tip: An older and or very mature man is noted. Focus on business. Make a concerted effort to spend quality time with family—desired family members. Be careful and or accommodating with authority figures or avoid them all together.

Other Notable Aquarians


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Take a load off—rest. Maternal energy is shown. Nurture and allow yourself to be nurtured. Play it safe. But…don’t pass up a golden opportunity due to lack of emotional security. Things could feel a little murky where friends are concerned…this too shall pass. Meditate. Mutah.


Keep a low profile. I know. If that’s comfortably possible for any fire sign—especially you, King (or Queen) Aries. Smiles… Thankfully, February is our shortest month—not too long to keep low-key.  If you act without thinking things through—it’ll all be for naught. “Solitary” healing should be embraced. If you do, this clears the slate for a cool new beginning. And your sun sign rules “new.”


Obstacles may loosen, but they may not move—but you can MOVE ‘EM (especially since some ‘unwelcome attention’ is shown)! By now you could be inured to the pressure—but know that this month it doesn’t have to be. Take those lemons and make lemon drop candy or lemon cookies. In fact, by month’s end a sweet tooth could grip you like nobody’s business! Try not to over-indulge. Making your own sweets could be a healthier option anyhow with satisfying those sweet cravings.

Addiction is indicated—perhaps some Chromium Picolinate is an even better option; it’s said to stave off sugar cravings.


Your key phrase is “I Think”, perfect time, this month, to do just that! Jupiter just recently went direct and remember it’s still in your sun sign (till June), maximize this great thinking power. The six is shown and travel by water is also noted. Conserve your physical energy—don’t overextend yourself. D e t a c h much and when you do decide to attach, be very selective. Also, see Robert Phoenix’s column, note the supplemental suggestions he listed for Gemini.


You may feel on edge. Ready to JUMP! Yet, the apprehension remains to be that constant proverbial thorn in your side. Trust your heart. Write it out! Blog—share with others who might also be a Cancer or have it prominent in their chart. The answer will reveal itself to you between the papyrus and the ink. Why Rakim’s “…’slip into the paper like I was ink” just came to mind? Smiles…

  • Addendum: Cancer, things are building up… I know. If you feel like too much responsibility has been solely put on your shoulders—forge through. As the maxim goes: ‘Gotta go through it to get to it!  Study has shown that the flower essence “Elm” can aide in this area. Stay Strong.


The social aspect is already STRONG for the lion and lioness but it’s gonna feel incredibly POWERFUL this month. I strongly advise to implement and activate these “social” cells outdoors. Steer clear of doing the social networking online thing this month. Meet them in walking-life. Face-to-Face.

  • Oh, visit a hardware store…build it…they’ll come.

Spiritual Tip: On a windy evening (preferably the New Moon/Chinese New Year), write your wish(es) on parchment paper (dove ink), put in a balloon, blow it up, cut a red string/yarn, 9 inches, tie around the nape of the balloon, anoint the balloon with one of the essential natural oils. Go somewhere, ALONE, r e l e a s e the balloon with love—tell no one you did this…ever!


Don’t fear the power types. ‘Especially the pseudo power types. You may encounter a few surly types this month—know that it’s a transit, just let the foolery or “fool”, pass. Your analytical ability will assess the asinine’ness accurately. Don’t sweat it! Keep it movin’.  With the full moon at the end of the month…I’d take to a certain health regimen—be it no meats, no dairy, no sugars—something healthy. Fast in the spirit of something you want to materialize; by the end of the month it could show up. Tell no one you’re doing this. If offered any bad foods, politely say no thank you. They don’t need to know why you don’t wanna partake. Maintain positive yet clear boundaries; this will help with confidence.


Your mental faculties are in a great space. You may notice this and seize the opportunity to really research and study—don’t overload the system. Don’t be a workaholic—just cause the energy is in THERE. A comfortable cerebral pace is still in order—as Zhane` sung in the “Grove Thing” song, paraphrasing, “…relax your mind, get into the rhythm, body’s in precision…”  With Saturn next door in Scorpio now, I know you feel lighter…ready to lower your guard? Yeah, I know. Smiles… An air sun sign treasures feeling light. Enjoy the natural lift.


Midmonth, you may wanna change your appearance. If you’re not into astro-logic, you may not understand this strong urge to change your hair, body type, etc. But I know why. Smile. Have fun! Get into it. I usually don’t like to do “new” till a New Moon. The new moon is between the 8th & 10th, depending on which calendar you’re looking at. In or around there, I’d set the appointment. Or do something new in the home—family time, family quality time—a good and necessary thing.  A time for renewal/rejuvenation. Transform!


You know how when you’re sitting in traffic and it feels like it’s about to o p e n up? You get to rockin’ & rollin’, cruising with rhythm and flow then…yes, traffic forms THICK again? Out of nowhere, too. Yes, I know! This could be how you feel emotionally this month—stop and go, herky jerky. Be patient with them, but above all, be patient with yourself. Hold no grudges. By next month, you could forget what you were so sore at them for.

Some truth may be unearthed. Watch the subtleties.

On a moor celebratory note: A graduation or party is shown. Have a toast on me!


You may question yourself a great deal this month—don’t. Celebration is also shown for you too. Know that we’re all flawed—ALL of US. You don’t usually care for change—but embrace it this month. The vibration could be intense—but I sense that the outcome will be joyous! Even if you resist change this month, what’s shown still isn’t too bad: satiety However, if you roll up your proverbial sleeves and take “change” on with both hands—the work exacted can prove to yield much more than just feeling satiated. Spiritual Rewards! Dare to defy the norm.


Mama G. <3

P.S. If you like, give a listen to an Aquarian—a celebrated highbrow one. We’re all familiar with her body of work—her legacy. She’s a living legend—Toni Morrison.…

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