How to Manifest Big: I Manifested Bob Proctor, Les Brown & Michael Beckwith!

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Hey Love!

Check this out – I am SO HONORED to be taking the stage on November 15th in NYC with the GREATS of the spirituality and personal development world.

In tribute to the AMAZING Bob Proctor from the Law of Attraction film “The Secret,” I am taking the stage along with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Les Brown, Mary Morrissey, Loral Langmeir and others.

Tickets: with Coupon Code: AABOBNYC

Modern Day Millionaire presents a once in a life time event…this FALL.
Bob Proctor from “The Secret”…live at Carnegie Hall.
Bob Proctor is the last of the Founding Fathers of the Personal Development Field. One of the greatest teachers in Human Potential Development.
The foremost teacher of Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth, Bob Proctor will be hosting this HISTORIC event from Andrew Carnegie’s legacy and living monument-the legendary Carnegie Hall.
A Tribute and Celebration to Bob Proctor’s 55 years as a Teacher, Mentor and Leader in the Personal Development Field.


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