Our astrological wonder woman, QUEEN GREAR, positively SHINES in this post. As usual, I’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating. Be sure to catch her meaningful post about her “Healing Hiatus” as well. xoxo

 HAPPY 2014: The Love & Study Edition! by Grear 

Greetings Everyone. Below you’ll find my 2014 insights for all 12. Keep in mind, it is

condensed. The much-needed healing hiatus has propelled me to pen a column

for the entire 2014 year in lieu of the previous monthly installment offered.

Yet, my heart and true astro-love offerings are still lain plain. <3

Also consider, yes, each astrologer may share similar insights when looking at the sky,

you know, the fundamental at first blush sightings.


But each astrologer tend to interpret the divine cosmic geometric lines influenced by their

own–the ones in their own natal chart.

It’s difficult not to. In short, try not to compare columns. ‘Just study, keep what resonates and

discard what doesn’t–as one’s senses tend to do anyhow. 🙂

It’s advised to read your sun sign as well as your ascendent’s. Enjoy!


Capricorn 2014

Winter: Winter is your season. It’s time for you to increase your strength resistance. Workout

at your pace, but please be about the business of tightening your physique. A good

calcium w/vitamin D is shown. A Leo is of help and or hindrance, either way,

they won’t be a bore. Capricorns & Leos tend to make good business partners, by the way.

Keep the heart healthy; beets and warm sorrel drinks are soothing.

Keep warm, but keep moving. Keep love close. <3


Spring: Love affair shown. If you are already in a committed union, that union could feel like

Spring again. Very sensual affectionate partner. Could be a water sun sign, or have many water planets, natally. ‘Horse, in Chinese Astrology, or have a lot of those qualities. Every now and again, just for fun, go to the horse-track, sit for a race or two…never  know who you might meet? ;-).

Also, be sure to send plenty of love and well-wishes to those horses running out there. My heart weighs heavy for all “life” that is exploited.


Summer: Patience. Patience. Patience. It could be within the union that formed during the

Spring or in some business venture or both. Fiscal gains appear, but…at what cost?

Stay the course, trust the process. Know that all the “filler” will find its appropriate

station; you just be sure to keep your train moving. All those that rightfully bought

a ticket will be on board.

Fall:      When matters fall away during the Fall season, why…that’s some ole irony that’s just

too painful to ignore. The connection made during the Spring then proved more solid

during the Summer through patience and collective reasoning has now dissipated. It’s

not easy for most earth signs to just “let love go.” This is why this has “past life”

stamped all over it, to me. It may not be a romantic connect, just a strong connect!

One that’s carried out in friendship and or in business. I can share this, the patterns I see

does denote some “hurt” but not “hate.” And that’s always a better thing.


Capricorn { & the other 11 too}, the 1st of the month, the King of Spades day it is, shows a

a VERY POWERFUL aspect. Take special care that day not to give in to unnecessary spats.

Ladies {the other 11 sun signs too}, be sure a male is the first one to enter your home. If he lives there, ask him to step outside and re-enter. That’s, of course, if “this kind of thing” is your thing. 🙂

Have a happy & healthy 2014, Capricorn. <3

Aquarius 2014

Winter: The powerful aspect that tops the year has an affect on all of us, but disappointment

on a more individualized level is shown for the Aqua-suns. Aquarians tend to have

great analyzing abilities. Once you implement them, you’re likely to see the lesson

in the loss. Be clear on YOUR intentions, then their’s will be shown crystal c l e a r. The end of January thru the end of May, especially, be cognizant to read the fine print, literally and

figuratively. Look behind you, you could have forgotten something, two some things. Don’t

allow disappointments and sensitivities to impede logic & intellect. If you put the latter first,

you may be spared a whole lot of emotional hardships. How the elders used to tell us? “An

once of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”


Spring: The disappointment[s] from old-man-winter may leave you “not wanting to get involved.”

That eclipse in your 3rd house this season may kinda force your hand, in some matters.

Aquarians need “it” to make sense before even thinking about making it their issue [if

it’s not already]; in short, it’s likely to be a worthy cause. You (& Sag) tend to

see the bigger picture, here you need to see that plus the teeny-tiny picture–yes,

activate wherever Virgo is in your chart. ‘Hard to solve a puzzle till you have all

the pieces. Till then, you’re inclined to remain neutral. Which may be safer, don’t

fight with your blinders on. Try not to speak with them (proverbial & actual) on either.


Suggestions: Be sure to get adequate rest, healthy nutrients. B-vitamins. Honor your spirit, mind

and body. #Meditation #Anew


Summer: Resolution shown. Not necessarily a happy parting, but a sensible one. Sound logic

soothes you like no other in the zodiac. Cut your losses and learn the lesson. Keep

it movin’, the rewards are sweet when you do. You stand to meet a lot of folks that

want to help you, even without your solicitation. New energy seems to always attract

new people; even the ones you knew before could suddenly feel “new” to you.

#SweetAura     Great connects! 🙂

Suggestions: Travel. Publish something wonderful.


Fall: Year’s end show A LOT of communication stirring, especially online communication. Be

mindful of how and what you share, in the business sense as well as in the casual sense.

You’d wanna stay out of courthouses, if you can help it, this season. If you have to go        there, dress accordingly and *clearing throat* oil-dress accordingly. Email me if you’re like  “huh?”

A young man is shown. In what capacity? Unclear. But he is of note, don’t ignore him–

you probably can’t–he won’t allow it.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Aquarius! <3


Pisces 2014

Winter: Competition and conflict. Most of y’all are spiritual, artistic, a constructive outlet for

restless energy. Thus, this mal-energy is

likely to be one-sided, ridiculous rays darted your way. Pisces, the elusive souls you

are, please duck and dodge all those nonsensical unwarranted rays. Do so with Floyd Mayweather skill.

If you care about the petty participants, then do what you can to resolve the matter.

If you don’t care about them, then do all you can to retreat from this matter.

This year holds ENOUGH power aspects for you to contend with, cosmic matters that

are your business, no time to be all emotionally wrapped up in their psychosis.

Suggestion: Watch that Janet Jackson video “Pleasure Principle” right where she sings “…I’m not here to feed your insecurities.” Mmhm, yeah, that!


Spring: Stand your ground. Hold on, p a u s e…it kinda makes me “feel some kind of way” to

use that term now…give me a minute… Sigh… Okay, cause I can’t find a better one at

this time, yes, stand your ground. This could still be that matter carried over from the

wintertime. One you wanted to leave alone, but couldn’t. Those darts thrown, you did

duck some, but some may have connected–now’s the opportunity to proverbially throw

them back! It’s likely to be “BULL’S EYE” each time.

But play fair and be as kind as logic would permit. Keep page 5 in “The Art of War”

in mind with all your victories.


Summer: Check on the elderly, the ones in your family, your neighborhood. If your heart is

in a good space, you probably already do this, if it is, yet you don’t, consider it.

Spiritual rewards shown when you do. The wisdom most elders carry can’t be learned no where else other than in sincere communique with them.


Fall: Connection cultivated in mutual harmony with a special elder [ a man shown] produces possible material gift. #Gratitude #PayitForward

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Pisces! <3


Aries 2014

Winter: Aries may be the Spring Baby, but baby, you shine this winter! ‘Don’t know why

but Adina Howard’s lyrics “Packin’ all da flavor you need…” just came to mind in

this reading. ‘Cause you sure will be. Suggestions: Spruce up! What? You ask.

Everything! The external, internal, get bizee! Drink more water, healthy water. Facials.

Sparkle. Be social. If you are, dial it up a bit. What the young call it today? “Turnt Up!”

Smiles… You’ll carry some new information too. Information folks ‘ll wanna hear.

An Aquarius is shown.


Spring: Money coming in, and fast too, is indicated. Stay as positive as you can. The fun chi

from winter should have carried over…retain it. Good chi attracts winnings. That

Aquarian (and or a Capricorn) may prove to be quite the good-luck talisman. If

possible, take them with you to casinos, the track, et cetera. Don’t forget to share. 🙂


Summer: Now, all the fun you had at the top of the year seems to come to a sudden halt!

Something or someone or both are likely to make you feel blindly bound. Now

whether this external oppressive vibe is real or imagined is one thing, but you doing

the necessary self-work to dissipate it is of utmost importance!


Aries, you like to be in charge, thus, it’ll be difficult for any outside entity to

bind you like this, unless you don’t see it coming. Be in charge of self versus

others to avoid incurring negative karma that’ll warrant such a binding fate. #SelfControl.


Suggestion: If possible, train for one of the marathons. Run or walk for a cause. This will

keep you too busy, in a constructive way, to avail yourself for any external foolery.


Fall: You too, conflict & competition noted. But these items are ruled by your sun sign. This is

right up your alley. If you’ve prepped for it, you stand to win. But win with purpose. This is

why things like: marathons, bowling leagues, et cetera, came to mind when studying

your aspects for this year. #Page5intheArtofWar

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Aries! <3


Taurus 2014

Winter: The wait might be long. But take it in stride. Who is more patient than the stalwart, steadfast bull? Plant the seed, water it. Then busy yourself with other constructive projects.

Hang out wit’ tha homies. This way “waiting” won’t feel like WAITING. The wondrous  sprouts shall (proverbial) spring when you least expect it. You control your mind, you stave off anxieties.


Spring: Restlessness, insomnia, worry, could still be present. Meditate. Keep your mind clear,

and positive. Suggestion: Lavender essential oil & Vervain tea. Keep a journal. Recording what you’re feeling can be very therapeutic.


Summer: An older woman, another earth sign (or has a lot of earth in her chart) possibly. She is

of major help. This well-established woman could even be you. If it is, you will

want to help someone or some fledgling project in dire fiscal need. Be creative yet  prudent…as only an earth sign could be. 🙂


Fall: Each New Moon, it is highly advisable to sincerely do a “New Moon Wish List.” The

list is suppose to consist of ten wishes, max. But follow your heart. A person born in September or November shown.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Taurus! <3


Gemini 2014

Winter: Something hidden. Something you need to o p e n your eyes to. It’s said that most

air signs can be detached, unaware. But Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning, though

y’all are air, it’s still mutable–better able to assimilate, adapt. Don’t miss the

subtle and the subliminal. The abstract is your ally!


Spring: Concerns with being financially stable is a constant for most, but you may really

feel plagued with $uch thoughts. Advice: Study all you can about what money/fiat, is.

There’s great videos on the subject online. Keep a ledger, write down all spending,

even down to a pack of gum. Get to know money, but also get to know yourself in

relation to money. Suggestion: The use of a compass & or sundial shown; looks like it’ll be a fun outing, too.


Summer: Much to do about much to do! Communication overload! Especially online. But

that’s your area of expertise–but the proliferation of such may even take you aback.

Just note, if it’s mostly regarding trivial, let it be truthful trivial. #SpreadnoFallacies.

Sometimes the  messenger’s job is to do more than just pass along messages. Be responsible in all re-says.


Fall: All that responsible communique from the summer should pay off wonderfully this

season.  A Scorpio & or Capricorn of note shown. Embrace a crafting exercise. Take

a much-needed course.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Gemini! <3

 Cancer 2014

Winter: Much fun to be had this winter, especially with fire signs/fiery personalities. It’s suppose to be a cold

winter, who better to cozy up with, feel the heat with, than the fire element, coming

in the form of a man (woman)? Fire & water produces steam, but… be easy…boiling

water burns. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy the simmer. Relish the

steam, but I’d bounce before the boil!


Spring: You too, only your overload of data, incoming/outgoing, may seem unusually heavy during the spring season. Suggestion: Blog about it. I’m sure there’s some other  Cancerians out there that had one ole hellva winter, too. Call the piece “Pot Luck”,

a metaphoric way to label that proverbial spicy pot of fiery love.

You know, there are some types out there that like to break up just before the summer months.

They actually prefer to be single in the summer. Hey, now there’s a book title: “Single for the Summer.” Lol… Don’t bite!


Summer: I am not an advocate of “jumpin’ from one love affair right to a next one.” Each one

is due its proper attention, even post about the affair–gotta ruminate, assess “what just happened?” Yet this summer you’re likely to meet someone who’ll sweep you away AGAIN. This prospect is either foreign or speak many languages or hold ideologies  foreign to your own. They’re likely to serve tea’z that’s liken to the energy of Erykah Badu’s cut “Fall in Love (your funeral).”  Smiles…

Either way, you stand to learn plenty!   

Fall: An apprenticeship could render great ends. The well-worn saying “You live and

and you learn” is all so applicable to all, but especially to you this season. Learn to  earn, earn to learn…learn to live, live to learn, really live. <3

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Cancer!

Leo 2014

Winter: A sense of nostalgia may nudge you, it may even needle you, via “them.” A strong

past-life connection shown here. As you know, these karmic connections could

have been positive or negative or a melding of both. How the thread picks up in this

life will reveal how it was coiled before. The objective here is to tie-up those frayed

thready ends in the most beneficial way–beneficial to both. Nurture your inner-child, their’s as well.


Spring: You’ll be queried often, and you’ll query often. It’s all good. As long as there’s

mutual respect, no discourse could ever feel like a drag. Take it all in tender care,

yet be aware. It’s forecasted to be a very good year for Leo! 🙂


Summer: Put the work in. Stay the course. Stand your ground. Victory is yours!

(Leo, note: The Spring & Summer, yeah, interchangable. The more I look at my notes, the

 more I resolve that these are my truncated findings for 2014)

Fall: Get the car tuned up, travel in the works. It’ll be educational, too. If the travel involves a

charitable cause, something with animals…it’s slated to be very spiritually transformative.

Please blog about it–I’d love to read it.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Leo! <3

 Virgo 2014

Winter: You know how the sun shines, yet it’s freezing? And some people might tell you,

“don’t let the sun’s shining deceive you, it’s cold out there!” This sage virtue is the

gem to keep in mind this winter. Whatever circumstances, if your thinking cap is

on tight, you stand to come out shining.


Spring: Love is in the air, and you have full cosmic permission to inhale all your heart’s desire. A Gemini is noted.


Summer: Checkin’ for your elders, be it the ones in your family or not, is paramount. Do it

for love, yes, but do it! There’s something very necessary to learn through their

medium. An older couple, think in the refined vein of a say “Ossie Davis & Rudy Dee.”

Fall:  Here, the learning picks up. You may find yourself leaning more toward the husband

for more clarity. Take notes, absorb, then share with the young ones.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Virgo!

Libra 2014

Winter: Winter is marked as the barren time of the year…an ending of things. You may feel

as if a chapter of your life has come to its end. You are likely to do what you innately do best–balance all content of all the pages via reflection, dust it off and shelve it.

If you decide to write a [proverbial] book report, know that it stands to heal others as well as yourself.

Spring: If you are busy writing about “that ending” you shouldn’t be available to debate–especially in an open discussion (this includes the Internet). Libras are great debaters, due to your keen sense of logic. This logic tends to piss folks off! It’s not worth it. Again, if you’re not available (cause you’re wrapped up in writing about winter) you’re not in it.

Summer: What’s shown: A love returns, yeah, one of those true love! It’s a lovely summer

for a lovely couple. Not only will feel beautiful in their company, but you two will  exude beauty. Inspiring.  But, um…yes, their mother.


Fall: If you made it through with “the mother” during the Summer, don’t think you’re outta

the woods yet. She still has her eye on you. Her memory is long and her patience is short.

But you don’t live in the past with her, respect her, but live in the now. The up side?

She no longer has the same strong influence over them she used to have. Trust the love, not the ego.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Libra!

Scorpio 2014

Winter: Juggling things isn’t usually your forte`, but you’ll execute ‘em with precision. When

getting things (constructive) done efficiently is exacted, there’s no better feeling in the world. When all these i’s & t’s you’re gonna dot and cross occur, it’ll likely happen so fast you may neglect to ask for help. No worries, it’ll come to you. How does the song

go? “Help is on the Way.” Be sure you trust their work ethic before allowing them to come on board.


Spring: Spring Love, Summer Love, is on deck for a few suns. And Scorpio is one of them.

Some lyrics from that tune from the movie Grease comes to mind, “…summer lovin’

              had me an affair. Summer lovin’ happen so fast…”

If you are single and open to stepping out of your comfort-zone and in style while

you’re doing it, you stand to meet one of those rare ones. Enjoy!


Summer: Try to enter solo, with others (in tow) you might be shut-out.

Fall: Building, studying, doing, in a group of three (with you included) proves to be

rewarding. If you three are of like-minds, this helps a great deal.

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Scorpio!

Sagittarius 2014

Winter: It may cause you some grief, but know that all’s not lost–there should be two

remaining. But you won’t notice them till you calm down, clear up and restore

lucid thinking. #Meditation


Spring: The “Me Against the World” feeling will still be with you. Don’t give up.  #PUSH

Summer: Travel. Relocation. Getting away may be just the thing you need to recoup

from all that occurred earlier this year. Healing/spiritual retreats are ideal in this instance.


Fall: How you two relate? It’s reached an impasse. Don’t force the issue. Let it be.

You know how the common saying “There’s two sides to a story” evolved to

“There’s three sides to a story: your’s, their’s, and the truth”? Exactly, allow that

third side to have its moment. You’ve said and done all you could–step back.

“Silence is Louder than SCREAMS.” ~RainMaker

Have a Happy & Healthy 2014 Sagittarius!


Again, Have a Healthy and Happy 2014 & Beyond my Astro-Loves! <3

fn: From time to time, Mama G will contribute a piece here and there to the Love University. In the interim, check for my musings in “notes” on my facebook page. One more time, thanks sooo much for reading. <3

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