MTV 'Made': Abiola & Austin; Ladies Man Atlanta Episode Preview (VIDEO)

Austin & Abiola on MTV’s Made: Atlanta Ladies Man Episode Sneak Peek, Video Below.

Passionista Principle: “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. ~Michael Jordan

 Yay! My episode of MTV’s MADE premiered today. I am the MTV Made Ladies Man Coach to Future President Mr. Austin B., who was amazing to work with. I really wish that you had seen the full 30-days-long process all of the fun dating activities and confidence building adventures I put Austin through while I was in Atlanta

I’ll make sure to roll out some of these Love, Dating & Empowerment lessons from my MTV Made Coach process for Austin over the coming weeks. Meanwhile: How to Be A Ladies Man Without Being A Gross Disgusting Pig?

Watch & enjoy!

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  1. Annice

    Great episode Abiola!! That was great. Loved the episode.

  2. Davida

    I saw it too. Pretty good episode. I am one of your youtube subscribers. Been watching your advice videos for years. I didn't know about the blog but glad to find it. Lotsa fun.

  3. Tameka

    I love u Abiola, everything you are helps me to stay positive and not give up. You are my role model, can't wait to meet u!!

  4. Abiola

    Passionista Tameka, I received your email and I am loving your energy. 🙂 Going to do a post today or tomorrow just for you on staying positive and never giving up! xoxo

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