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Beware the ides of March! The same can be said of the March goddesses I know.

What’s your zodiac sign, dollface? Our astrological superwoman and zodiac Empress GREAR IS bright, shiny and BRILLIANT. As usual, we’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of communicating astrology. Thanks so much to our beautiful readers who LOVE her accurate horoscopes as much as we do!  -aa


It’s said that March comes in like a Lion and leaves out like a lamb. And I know why… Mesmerizing Mutable Piscean primed for graduation, if not, then…lamb = ram. The Spirit Science video #12, articulates this “graduation” note far more succinctly than I could ever, here in a column.

The watery elder of the zodiac—the grandparents. One of the zodiacal bookends. Fire at one end Water at the other. Aries begins it, Pisces ends it. Hopefully if we successfully graduate from this Earth school, we won’t have to REturn; if we don’t, we start the celestial cycle all over again, at Aries. Sigh… Suddenly, Jay-Z’s lyrics come to mind, “…recycle my life I shall return.”

Pisces, both ruled by Neptune and Jupiter; can you now see how and why Neptune rules the ocean? Neptune rules liquids in all forms, it also rules music, among other items… Neptune is the poet. Making most Pisceans very creative, very spiritual, very sensitive. All water is sensitive and receptive—that’s its very nature.

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Other than air, water aligns with the eternal element. Do you think E.B. was just singing “On & On” to you just for her health? No, for the spiritual health of us ALL. Echoes… “…all night till the vultures swarm.”

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If I had to pick my absolute favorite Piscean, it was have to be the late great Nina Simone. And close second would be Spike Lee. Yes…Erykah Badu would be The Second favorite fish for yours truly.


In fact, I’m listening to her right now as I type. I like to listen to the grooves of some of my favorite artist[s], ones that falls under the sun sign I’m typing about in the moment. For instance, when I move on to writing about Aries, I’ll direct the player to play Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Jill Scott or Teddy Pendergrass tunes… Yes, we writers need our “things” in place to really Get Bizee or Pen Bizee, to the best of our prose’zee abilities! Smiles…

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OK, back to Spike being the close second on my list of favorite Pisceans, I was make this month’s open letter to him, but I realized…I don’t have that much to say to him o p e n l y. Spike…my brotha, I love you! And if you were wondering if there’s anybody, one body, out here in publicville that think it’s absolutely warped that a film maker can’t opine, publicly or not, on the work of another filmmaker, cease the wondering. Here I am, yours truly—Mama Turnbull.


Now we know the narrow minds will immediately assume that my stance here is due to being a non-fan of Perry’s. Not so. Watched and enjoyed some of his movies, myself. Even met him once backstage at the Beacon way back when. Too painful a memory. No, nothing like that. He was polite. Beyond polite, he was “present.” He gave me the time-of-day that was totally unexpected, brief, yet sincerely there—present.

It was totally THAT MOMENT of how “luck” is defined: when “preparedness” meets “opportunity.” Your gal wasn’t prepared.


Being the astrologer I am…so fixed in astro-mode, kept quietly saying to myself, “A Virgo sincerely wanting to help me? A stranger?” versus… Y’all can read my memoir to learn how I allowed over-analyzation to cripple a chance… Oh, never mind!

Spike, you know that “Virgo” is your opposite sign, right? When public conflict (or Love) with “opposites” occur, oh, do we astro-minds have a field day in study! Well, most of us.
If you seen comedian James Hannah’s [TruthPaste] 2012 N*gga of the Year Awards, he too thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that folks (enmass …due to Group Think, most likely) felt that a film maker shouldn’t give his thoughts about “films” and or another filmmaker’s work. Huh?
If you put yourself/work out there publicly, expect public review…even from fellow “public figures.”  Logic.
Could you imagine an astrologer allowing a non-astrologer (or another astrologer for that matter) to tell us not to opine on the stars? GTFOH!!!
Now, to manage my own hypocrisies. If this astro-column were to be caustically critiqued, I’d first consider “the source” , the critic and the intellectual equipment they were pulling from to feel fit to astro-opine here; i.e.: where does their cosmic school of thought’s derive? As Dr. Henrik Clarke said, paraphrasing, “I only debate my equals. All others I teach.”

To the TP’s defenders, Spike went to NYU for Pete’s Sake! This and so much moor qualifies his critiquing films and you know who else? The filmmaker too. Thank you Mr. Spike Lee. It’s been great to highlight you this year for Pisces here.

Y’all know it was ALL I COULD STAND NOT to feature the elder and great ancestor Nina Simone (in open letter prose)…the way they are about to portray her in that upcoming movie…as one blogger wrote, “…they are gentrifying Nina!” It pains me! OK, I won’t go there…too much, probably why I elected not to make her the o p e n letter highlight this cycle. I hear ‘they’re’ slated to do the same to Harriet Tubman’s image, have a melanin-recessive actress play our beloved Harriet Tubman, one that resembles her not! The Moses movie starring Cicely Tyson was satisfying enough, why redo it all? OK, stepping down from the soap box. Sigh…

  • Oh and Jeffery Osborne…another divine Piscean! You just don’t know how I feel about you… remember when Ed and Dr. Dre` called you at that wee hour of the morning and asked you to sing on the spot? You were groggy, but you did, and sounded just like the record—LOVE BALLARD! Then what you said in that article so many years back… Man, I love you too! I’d even bake you a peach cobbler! <3

OK, Pisces:
Baby, though Mercury is Retrograde right now, don’t allow that to blue-you. You know…thinking about the ocean, its blue waters, blue skies, one mirroring the other, the blue chakra center being the “intuitive” cord, you, of ALL signs, should never use the term “blue” in a depressing manner. Forgive me for just doing so a few bars above.
My niece asked me to help her paint her room. I said, OK, what color? She responded happily, “Blue.” I told her that color on her bedroom walls will activate her intuitive abilities. She smiled and said, “Cool!” She’s seven, cute as the day is long.
With that, Pisces consider bluing your walls too. There are sooo many planets in Pisces right now, in your first house at that, you’ll feel a very strong sensation to change your appearance in some way, your physical one, & or the house (which is just an expansion of your physicality) you reside in.
Intuitive abilities on TEN. Trust them. Psychic abilities on TEN. Trust them.

Get away if you can. If not, make your new spruced up domicile your destination. Change things around, luxuriate…don’t take any calls during this remodeling time [if you can], get to know your surroundings in a way like never before.
The New Moon (a time to start things anew) is on the 11th. Some (in the cosmic know) tend to start on the day of the New Moon. I highly recommend you get started NOW. So by the New Moon, you are in full luxuriating mood.
In or around the twenty-first be aware/beware of fiery females; yet, you could stand to earn good money with them.

There’s some trepidation with delivering this…but here it goes:

*There could be some good news about money or something you greatly value. A young man, especially…watch him; either he’s the carrier of this news or he’s the carrier of the coins. Again, trust intuition.


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March will prove to be the “month of changes” for all of us. So much Pisces energy abound, thankfully, Pisces is a mutable sign, helping us to better “go with the flow.” Aries, you too, will feel these changes, especially introspectively. You can be such a fighter, here, don’t fight. Trust the hunch. Mars will soon be at home with you, Aries. A host of other planets will enter your sun sign by month’s end too. Now’s the time to take action! Public acclaim is shown. An older gentlemen’s advice should prove sage.
Exercise: Make a wand. A cool one. Be sure to use natural materials.


When the media reports on (Taurus sun) Janet Jackson’s secret nuptials, my mind immediately wonder what’s cooking (or what was cooking [transit]…) in her twelfth and eighth houses?

I can tell ya what’s cooking in yours…consider cocooning yourself for a spell, just to figure out those financial matters. Now, don’t get Cabin Fever, but honor some serious me-time. Gotta recharge to renew.

There could a young person that might wear on your nerves. Have patience with them. Remember we were all young once.




Jupiter is still rockin’ out wit’ you. ‘Hope you’re maximizing this planetary visit from the BiG Guy that rules luck and expansion.

The areas of career and earning potential looks pleasing to the eye, Jup is even chilling in one of those areas for a spell. Sell! If you don’t craft and have nada to sell—create something. It’s your time NOW to present something special; if not for the masses, at least for your pals and neighbors. Host a cute little…what Phaedra called it? A “Sip & See.” Yes, prepare some finger foods, light drink, and have a small circle over to showcase your wares. You may be pleasingly surprised by the reaction. Make a Vision Board on the 11th. If you have one already, refresh it.

  • Keep the focus on producing quality goods. Gemini rules multi-tasking, so I know “focusing” on only one area of interest could cause mild [to major] anxiety for you like nobody’s business. But give it a try. If it’s something you truly hold close to your heart—the concentrative singleness could yield MUCH!

Gemini rules communication—but this month it’s on TEN. Maximize this chatty gift by kicking it wit’ the “right” people. Plant the salient seed NOW for the rest of the year. Be cognizant of the seeds you sow overall, but especially THIS month!
You may feel dominated by someone else…a Capricorn, or one with Capricorn energy. Your immaturity (or perceived immaturity) makes them feel entitled to “govern” you—once you take charge of your own affairs (maturation), they should back off. Keep the faith.


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This could be the thirty-one days where you grow as an individual. If…you sit with self…in a sincere way. Work from home. Home Work. You know how the elders used to say “Tend to your side of the fence before you go peeking over it into your neighbor’s yard.”

All this means is “mind your own affairs.”
Heal the house within. Suggestion: Learn about the Crab Apple Flower Essence.
What do you really want to do? No, don’t think of money. Now, ask yourself “What do I really want to do?”
If you dare to step out of your comfort zone (I know it’s hard to do…I can be a natural homebody myself), the latter part of the month’s activities may embolden you! <3
Have you been waiting to hear some new$ about a job? It could be delivered this month.
Luck: Preparedness meeting Opportunity



  • As mentioned above, this is the month of CHANGES for all of us. Be open to inspiration—take it in stride. You could be coming out “that” situation soon; proving you, like I just wrote, took it all in stride. Reminder, don’t be too uptight—even regarding those finances. Address them, but don’t allow them to get you down or change your address for the worse.

A chance encounter with a Capricorn or its opposite (or a person possessing either energy) could open the door for something great. Key word here is “perception.



  • All the sudden changes may throw you—don’t allow it to throw you too far. If you’re open to the new sensory it might not be so bad after all. There could be an annoying Libra (and or Pisces), but it’s this very energy you may need to morph into to maximize the full possibilities of all this month’s cosmic aspects could offer Virgo.

Any legal matters, you may wanna consult a professional. …a professional spiritual advisor.
If applicable:
There could be some backpeddling [or even betrayal] in the love department. Unless there’s a life-threatening danger (e.g.: domestic violence) looming, I rarely recommend breaking up. However, when aspects like these are shown [per my astro-scrutiny], I do recommend stepping back, just to see things clearly. Spend some time at a relative’s or a friend’s crib; if this is possible, just to reevaluate matters. Deep down, you know you aren’t willing to accept less than you really want.
As the saying goes: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.



  • Y’all get a bad rap for being indecisive—here, YOU KNOW what you are to do, you’re just not willing to do it. Why? That’s a question only you can answer.

Steer clear of gossip this month—disseminating it or being an ear for it. The #44 in the I-Ching came up for you Libra this month. If unfamiliar with the I-Ching you can always look it up.
This is the month of “Change” for the planet. Change for the bad or good? Our deeds and intentions determines which one will be magnified.
There’s an Awakening and or “a meeting” of some kind. How the aforementioned will be colored depends on your thoughts and deeds. I’d fast.
I plan to do the 21 Day Meditation with Deepak & O on the 11th (New Moon), I don’t work for them and won’t earn a nickel for this recommendation, so know that it’s coming from the heart: Join in!
*Remember, Mercury will be retrograde till the 17th, be sure to cross all t’s and dot all i’s. Be clear on the data you transmit as well as the data you receive. Communicative lines can get hairy during these times for all of us—but especially for you Libra; per my astro-studies.


Your already natural psychic ability is heightened. A lot of family harmony. With Saturn stationed in Scorp—family love is just the nurturing tonic you need, relish it! Kids are drawn to you, love them and take them out for fun.
Female Scorps, an older & or established woman is shown, she could really be partial to your cause this month—wanting to help. Let her, next month the offer could change. Seize the moment. Remember how Scorpios move…Pluto… energy may be Powerful yet subtle or slow in motion.

Male Scorps, an older established women could really take a romantic interest in you. All I ask is that you watch that movie with Dustin Hoffman, its title I forget, but look it up, you’ll find it. Or consider the Terry Mcmillan story with her ex-husband. Even if you’re heterosexual, still, note how their marriage ended. I sense [per my studies] shock ‘n surprise at the end. Some folks like that type stuff—gotta know what you’re made of. But for this month, it’ll be Fab!
They can definitely foster your own maturation—the greatest upside of any connection.
{please don’t allow images of Lady Eloise to flood tha dome…lol}


Most Sagittarians, fire signs period, have no qualms with allowing their inner-child to SHINE! This month it sure will. Hang out with them (children), listen to them intently. They, or one, could reveal an idea to you that’s TEN! Be sure to credit them accordingly to ensure theirs no ill karma attached to the idea in the long run.

Kids don’t tend to edit themselves (same with most Saggies [of any age]—y’all are often labeled as ‘mind-to-mouth’ characters), you must be present to capture all those goodies they spew straight from the primordial plane. Walk with a tape recorder if you have to. I have no idea what The Idea is, but I know Sag has been granted the gift of receiving it this month; either from an actual child or sprouted from your own inner-child. You will KNOW IT soon as you hear it. Sense it. Y’all rarely doubt your perception anyhow.

“…I know right when I see right…” ~DMX
*A high-minded woman is in the midst—honor her. She too could pose as a sweet muse.


You know the term “Working Title” an artist may use when they aren’t concrete on a specific title for their work. Well, that’s the theme that should course through your dealings this month. Try to avoid permanency wherever possible…especially in matters of the tongue (your word). Avoid making promises, if you can, this month.
Success is shown—if you work at it. Saturn ruling your sun sign, y’all don’t mind putting in the work. A man with solid integrity could enter the picture—don’t allow him to get away. Watch the subtleties. Most men of high integrity rarely make a splash. They fall under {& above} Dr. Maya Angelou’s “…water doesn’t have to protest it’s wet” virtue. Or better yet, her, “…you know a man when he enters the room,” yep, Dr. Angelou, he doesn’t have to say a word.
“The loudest man in the room is the weakest man in the room.” ~Frank Lucas
Again, watch the subtleties to ensure meeting this great person; one who can help.
A lot of activity is shown with neighbors and or siblings. Watch communications. You too, be sure it’s c l e a r. Received and dished.


March could be very mashy, very mire’ree for the Water Bearer. Remember, Uranus rules your sun sign, meaning, YOU rule the rebellious energy of “shaking up matters.” Uranus is currently in fire sign Aries, thus these “shake ups” could be EXPLOSIVE.
Still, no worries. The intelligence you work with, if it occurs, it’ll be logically worth it and much needed!
“Destruction is a necessary forerunner to rebirth.” ~Unknown

Sudden changes. Chaotic emotional hiccups. No sweat!
Things may not work out as expected. Thus, embrace the popular maxim “No expectations. No Disappointments.” ~Unknown
There could be some cardio issues. Embrace fellow Aquarian astrologer’s Anpu’s “Heal the Heart” meditation. It’s a free download at his site www.myastrologycoach.com . No, I don’t work for him. Smiles…
Get you a piece of Rose Quartz crystal—let the piece “pick you,” versus you pick it; follow the instructions on the download thereafter.
Wear green, stare at it. Restless. You wanna be everywhere! Have your hands in nearly everything! Chill…don’t spread yourself too thin. OK, say you, Air Sign, allow “air” to do what it does: OmniPresence… Bump it, have fun! Yet, be safe, if it’s looks too good to be true, chances are it is, or it ain’t. Lol… you know what I mean.

Monies could swell nicely, but…be careful…Neptune is doing shows in your house of finance for the first half of the month. Again, be keen…if you can. So much fun is to be had this month that you may not give-a-hoot!

A new love interest is shown. Yes, even if you’re already in an exclusive relationship…one you may feel stuck in…hard to leave. And you won’t. But you will… Not condoning infidelities, but… Look, your charm dial will be sooo turned up that you’ll be irresistible to most! Have fun, yet proceed with caution, March Madness will only last thirty-one days. Lol…


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