Have You Tried Crazy Girl’s Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Sexy Diva Dust for Romance & Attraction?!

Have You Tried Crazy Girl’s Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Sexy Diva Dust for Romance & Attraction?!

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It’s time for a fun Passionista Product Review! Our columnist Coye LeRocke is at the helm. She gave Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Sexy Diva Dust a test run. The product is designed to make you an instant magnet for attraction. So does this body powder do what it claims to? Let’s see. Take it away, Coye… -aa

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]o kick off the inaugural Passionista Product review, I wanted to try something new.

And just so you know, I have adopted several monikers, one of them being a ‘Body Products of the Sexy Kind Enthusiast.’ Okay, the title is a little long but the fact still remains I enjoy filling my vanity space with sensual massage oils (motion lotion) and edible body powder, which I affectionately like to refer to as “passion powder.”

The Passionista Product.

The latest of the powder type to come into my radar is the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Diva DustCrazy Girl produces what they refer to as “romance products” and designed to be women and couples friendly.

The Diva Dust is available in three shimmery dust colors: Blushing Beauty (Pink Cupcake), Golden Goddess, and Silver Vixen, both with an indulging Honey-Vanilla flavor.

had a craving for sweets that day so I order the Blushing Beauty. My sweet teeth was satiated until it was delivered a few days later. I was impressed by the packaging. It can easily be mistaken for your average body powder.

But it wasn’t.

The Basics.

The pink-toned powder is enriched with not just skin-nourishing nutrients like Vitamin C antioxidant and Aloe Vera leaf extract but also includes a sexy attractant.

When using the equipped puff applicator and powdering any exposed (and not so exposed, wink) area of your body with a light body shimmer, you’re also adding an invisible layer infused with pheromones.

Plus, Crazy Girl products are paraben-free, sugar-free, and sulfate-free.


Passionista Product Review! Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Diva DustUpon opening the Crazy Girl Diva Dust, the first thing you spot is the enclosed powder puff. The built-in sifter helps tremendously for just the right amount of application each time.

Before removing the adhesive tape that was holding the powder in, I could catch a whiff on the Diva Dust. It was light-scented and not over-bearing at all.

First Impressions.

Had I become Goldielocks? Because I found it to be “just right.” After applying the powder to my wrist followed by my pressure points, thanks to the cornstarch, talc, and mica base, I immediately felt the softness in my skin. So soft, I wanted to kiss myself.

And I did.

Maybe not what the lovely team at Crazy Girl had in mind when they created the product but it was my first reaction.

The Real Deal?

Overall, I loved the product. It smelled great, was tasty and the cost was appealing as well especially since a little goes a long way.

Highly recommended for whether you’re out for a night on the town or sitting comfy cozy beside your lover, don’t hesitate to use the Crazy Girl Wanna Be Sparkling Shimmery Diva Dust for a sparkle and shine to accentuate your best assets and an extra dose of enhanced sexual appeal.

It will be your sexy little secret.


Pick up your own Crazy Girl Diva Dust at LeRockeMe.com or on Amazon.


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