Scandalous Potluck Dinner Party Idea: How to Throw A Sinner’s Dinner #sindin

[Sin Din Photo by German Marin]

Picture a co-ed bachelorette party with delicious food and drinks. Potluck style means everyone brings something to eat or drink. 

Related Posts with ThumbnailsPotluck Dinner Parties are a fantastic way of recession entertaining. This past weekend a few of my friends visited my flat in Harlem for an official Sinner’s Dinner (#sindin) and Potluck.  Check it out!

Guests: Invite only sexy free spirits! Then obviously you also need people capable of being embarrassed. That’s what makes it fun. 

When I was younger I used to feel that parties were about quantity and I would throw these huge extravaganzas. Now I know that it’s all about quality, non quantity. I choose a handful of wonderful and positive people who nourish my soul: Kristal Mosley, producer and on camera talent for the Abiola on LSD show, Twanna Hines the Funky Brown Chick, Yolanda Shoshana, the Modern Courtesan, Nando Rodriguez of Nandoism, Katie of Lost Plum, tech writer Sherri Smith, photographer German Marin and comic Kyle Bostick.

Location & Decor: Our party theme was Sinner’s Dinner so I chose bachelorette party-like decor items like a Penis Party Tray and beaver plates. Vanilla candles by Glade for under 5 bucks!

Food: Yummy food is key to a good time at a potluck dinner. We were blessed to have too much food! Twanna brought $200 worth of free drinks from TGIFriday’s including delicious mudslides, Nando cooked up chorizo pasta, Shoshi brought bread, yams and popcorn, Sherri made beef and broccoli, and Kristal brought salad and platters.

Did I just mention the TGIF Cocktails before the food!! Only because the TGI Fridays Mudslides were my fave. The drinks are pre-mixed and you just add ice. Good job, Twanna!

I made barbecued chicken, of course.

Party Favors & Prizes: We didn’t have any formal party favors but Nando brought swag from Fashion Week, Shoshi brought her Honeymoon Heat and Modern Courtesan fragrance samples, Twanna brought the booze from TGIF, and I gave out goodies from our friends at and copy of Zane’s new book The Hot Box. Wait, I guess that we had plenty of party favors! 

Music: My playlist included Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Pink, Prince, Rick James and Beyonce. And I’m still dancing!
Sinner’s Dinner Photo Slideshow
Games: The best part of the Sinners Dinner is sharing embarrassing stories – about yourself or each other. I could tell you what was said, but then we’d have to kill you! Or at least bash you with a Penis Party Tray…

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