Sensual Tantric Massage 101: Techniques, Tips & What The Heck Is It? (INTERVIEW)

Sensual Tantric Massage 101: Techniques, Tips & What The Heck Is It? (INTERVIEW)

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Sexy massage tips from an expert…

Hey Rockstars,

Emily Peachy, a Sensual Massage Expert, recently reached out to share her sexy stories here on the Passionista Playbook blog. We’ll be bringing you PG-13 versions of her deliciously scandalous and personal tales from time to time, but wanted to begin first with an interview about her Tantric Massage business, sensual tips and techniques.

Peachy Massage London is considered the number one Sensual Tantric Massage London Service. Recently celebrating her fourth year of success Emily’s Peachy Massage masseuses are sharing their intimate erotic moments and giving you an insight to the masseuses’ erotic lives. The motto is “Think Peachy, Think Elegance.”

Abiola: Hi Emily. Welcome aboard. Please tell us about your business and what you’re going to be sharing here on the blog. 

Emily: I have to say I love the posts you do on your blog. I find it really enjoyable to read and I’ve subscribed to you on Bloglovin.

I currently run a website, Peachy Massage, connecting independent masseuses across London with clients visiting / living in London for tantric massages. We’re by no means an escort agency or anything like that. Just Tantric massages.

The things that fascinates me in the job I do is the stories I hear from all the masseuses I work with, I get told stories about some very steamy massages, funny and intriguing stories when our masseuses provide their service to our clients. These stories should be told, giving an insight to the working life of tantric masseuses.

I have been searching for the perfect blogger to collaborate with, I want to write up these stories, provide them to you to share with your readers.

Abiola: How did you become involved with tantric massage? Tell us about the business and how you went about opening it.

Emily: I was previously working in a rehabilitation centre for schizophrenics and loved my job. However, the hours were long and the wage was low. I have always been interested in sensuality and experienced a tantric massage myself several years ago. I was very unimpressed with the actual massage but loved the whole concept of Tantra. I decided to study Tantric massage and create my own Elite company, whereby I focused on offering a 5 Star service with warm, friendly Masseurs.

Abiola: Is Tantric Massage for pay legal in London?

Emily: I am a registered limited company and pay my taxes, thus, it is considered legal as we do not offer sexual intercourse on our massage menu.

Abiola: Who is your average sensual massage customer?

Emily: My average customer is a successful businessman or entrepreneur of European, American or Arabic descent. They are all very gentlemanly and in need of some intimacy in their busy lives.

Abiola: Who is your average masseuse?

Emily: My average masseuse is educated and usually studying a degree at university. She is smart, in good physical shape, extremely friendly and enjoys giving pleasure.

Abiola: What is tantric massage?

Emily: Tantric massage is designed to overcome genital armouring by slowly and systematically massaging away tension. The spirit in which the actual massage is given needs to be gentle, loving, supportive and compassionate.

What makes Tantric massage different to any other intimate massage is the intention behind it – to heal rather than to purely arouse. Lovers often report that Tantric massage makes them more intimate with one another because it involves a high level of vulnerability and trust. This form of massage dissolves tension and the genitals begin to heal, sensitivity and sensation return, making your sensual journey an intensely erotic experience.

The Peachy Tantric Massage aims to help you to re-discover the beauty of touch, allowing you to achieve new heights of sensual bliss. These super sensual massages will dissolve your body armour, increase your overall sensitivity and allow you to discover new secret pleasure zones.

We offer a sanctuary of sensual delight with the most magical and seductive form of sensual tantric massage performed by some of the most beautiful ladies in London. Clients who have sampled our London tantric massages have reported a sensual awakening, an increase in libido, a noticeable increase in energy and an enhanced state of contentment.

Abiola: What’s the difference between tantric massage and a hand job?

Emily: Tantric massage is slow, sensuous, loving and artistic. It is all about your sensual build up and releasing your tension. It focuses on healing your mind and body as well as your sensual pleasure. A hand job is simply a hand job.

Abiola: What tantric massage tips do you have for the average woman?

Emily: My advice would be the following:

  • A. Utilize all of your body, your hair, your lips, breath and eyelashes! Use silk fabrics and feathers too.
  • B. Perform the massage slowly, sensuously, creatively and lovingly.
  • C. Use decent natural oil and plenty of it.
  • D. Your body to body massage slides should be extremely erotic, graceful and elegant.
  • E. Focus on those extra sensitive erogenous zones and be sexy and gentle.
  • F. Give eye contact.
  • G. Create an ambiance of sensuality with candles, incense, soft sensual music.
  • H. Enjoy it and ride the waves of sensual pleasure with your partner/client.
Abiola: Are women your customers as well? What are 3 ways that the average woman can make sex with her man hotter?

Emily: Yes, we service women and couples. However, our clients are predominately men.

To make sex with your man hotter:

  • A. Communicate with your man. Ask what he likes sexually and don’t be afraid to be adventurous. Tell him your fantasies and preferences.
  • B. Learn the importance of touch and erotic massage. It works wonders for a relationship. Gentle stroking, caressing, exploring each others’ bodies is key to a good partnership.
  • C. Role play helps spice up all relationships. It is also fun and frivolous.
Abiola: What do your masseuses wear?

Emily: All of my Masseuses wear smart suits on arrival. After setting up the bedroom with candles and music, they undress in the bathroom, shower and emerge in a black satin gown. They de-robe in front of the client and perform the massage nude.

Abiola: Thanks Emily, we look forward to your torrid tales.

Emily: Thank you, Abiola. For more information about Erotic Massage, please visit my site, Peachy Massage London.

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