How to Heal Your Trauma, Grief, Issues! Black Woman Heal Day (Video)

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How to Heal Your Trauma, Grief, Issues! Black Woman Heal Day (Video)

By | 2017-04-01T20:50:16+00:00 April 1st, 2017| | It’s Black Woman Heal Day! Black Woman Heal was created to support women of African descent worldwide. In this healing video, I address our pain and the idea of being a strong black woman. Let’s talk about grief, trauma, anger, PTSD, depression and womanhood. I also discuss being an HSP, Highly Sensitive Person.

Watch the video below…

Black Women Healing Day with Abiola Abrams

Watch Now! Healing Your Trauma

 Moving Past the Pain, Trauma, Grief and Limiting Beliefs

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Healing Trauma

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