Venus Williams & Gabby Bernstein! The Sacred Bombshells On the Mental Game

Venus Williams & Gabby Bernstein! The Sacred Bombshells On the Mental Game

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“Look Good and Play Well!” That’s the motto for Venus Willams’ new fashion line Eleven by Venus. What a great mantra for all of us… 

Hey Soul Mate!

In this interview with our guru sister Gabrielle Bernstein, Venus shares her secrets for keeping her mental game tight. She talks about green juice (my fave) and protein drinks. Venus is a vegan — yay vegans!  In fact, I love that Venus calls herself a “cheegan” and Gabby talks about leaning into being a vegan 90 percent of the time. As I’ve said before, I am an 80/20 vegan. I eat 80 percent clean and 20 percent vegetarian. It’s about taking care of your own health and well being in your way.

Who better to share such lessons than a world-class champion like Venus Williams? Incidentally, my parents are reading her equally talented and beautiful sister Serena Williams’ autobiography “On the Line” together as we speak.

After you watch Venus and Gabby share success secrets, please watch my dialogue with “Spirit Junkie” Gabby B here. I think that you’ll enjoy it.

Whoo hoo!

Love, Abiola

Featured photo by Justin Hoch for the Hudson Union Society.

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