What is a Spiritpreneur? (Video) For Soul-Based Women Coaches, Indigo Daughters, Healers & Sacred Bombshell Entrepreneurs

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What is a Spiritpreneur, Abiola? What it means to have a spiritual business and be a heart-based, soul-based, or spirit-based entrepreneur…

I can’t believe that as the creator of Spiritpreneur School, I didn’t have a video exactly about this before!


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Hey Sacred Bombshell,

Are you clear about what a spiritpreneur is now?

Give me 90 minutes and I will take you from being a confused Spiritpreneur to showing you how to reach more people and make more profit with your sacred divine calling.

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xoxo, Abiola

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Abiola Abrams, founder of the Spiritpreneur School podcast and Create Your Own Spiritpreneur Signature Program Course…

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