Your April Horoscope: Love, Life, Astrology! Aries + The Astro Affair Zodiac by Grear

Your April Horoscope: Love, Life, Astrology! Aries + The Astro Affair Zodiac by Grear

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Here’s Your April Zodiac!

 Passionista Principle: No matter what your body is going through, you are still YOU.

Hey Rockstars,

It’s April and Spring has SPRUNG. Let’s see what lessons our resident astrologer Grear has for us this month.

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Your Astrology RIGHT NOW, Written by Grear


My fire-sign beloveds… Gosh, how can I begin? I know it’s been feeling a tad daunting and dare I even add, oppressive, as of late; well, since January. That’s when Mars, the planet that rules your sun sign, went retrograde. Mars is the ACTION planet, it does not liked to be held back or slowed down. Ironically, it tends to like to hold others back and slow them down. But moving right along, it doesn’t even like the feeling or image of being slowed.

Here, I’ll give you an example. A good male friend of mine was recently grocery shopping with another platonic friend of his. A lady whom I’ve never met. He said they were in the aisle, and she was deliberately running or “ramming” her shopping cart into the carts of others’ in her way; or perceived to be in her way.

Now, my good best buddy is a Taurus, your cosmic next-door neighbor, the patient solid ones of the zodiac. He couldn’t, for the life of him, understand why she was doing this? And she did it more than once to different carts, so this nonsensical action was HIGHLY noticeable. He felt, part embarrassment–he’s a dignified lad, and part defiant, READY to RUMBLE, if need be. He’s also a loyal friend.

Right or wrong, he wouldn’t let a friend fight alone on his watch, especially a female-friend. As he continued to tell me over the phone how she was doing this ramming thing when there was more than enough room to push her cart around folks, my mind immediately went to a segment of “ANTM” where during a challenge one of the models ran/rammed through the lot of competing girls versus running around them to win. And when confronted about this in a later scene, it was as if she “didn’t even realize” that the option to simply run around the pack was there. She, the scorned model, dissolved to tears. After that random recall went through my mind, it was replaced by another. I instantly thought of a passage in one of Spiller’s great books. A page titled in part, “EAVESDROPPING ON THE SIGNS,” and for Aries Spiller writes: “Everybody out of my way!”

I chuckled and interrupted Ridge (my Taurean buddy), querying, “Your impatient friend is an Aries?” Stunned, he was spooked, he shot back, “She is! How’d you know.?” I smiled and just uttered the key phrase for my sun sign, “I know.” Aries, by mid-month, you’ll begin to feel much better, Mars goes direct. Tell me, since January of this year, how has “analyzing” anything been for you? Was it a real pain-in-the-butt? Or, shall I say, pain-in-the-brain? Since the top of the year, how has your interaction with any Virgos been?

I could only imagine! It’s all good. Brew you some Skullcap or Vervain herb tea, sip and meditate and take it easy. The sluggish energy ‘ll soon be behind you. Aries rules the head on the physical body, making it also rules the ego (among other items). While Uranus is occupying your sign, it’s a great time to really embrace spirituality, find your center–and contrary to what you may really feel it is NOT your ego.

I like pranayama, but any spiritual discipline that suits your soul and fosters growth should be fine. The first half of the month, if you’re in a romantic relationship, it may feel like a strain just to even look at them. If it’s feasible, I highly recommend taking some time apart. E.g.: Go chill wit’ grandma for a bit.

After the fifteenth, matters between you two should feel a lot lighter. If you’re single, not a good time to date or consider a serious romantic tie, again, wait till after the 15th. I’d steer clear of court proceedings too, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it’ll all work out in your favor. Postpone dates till after the 15th, if you can.

Steer clear of all known enemies. Well, for any sign, this would be prudent. However, for you John and Jane Q Aries, till mid-month, avoid them! With that, also try to avoid all Librans, for the next two weeks at least; which may be difficult, they are your cosmic opposite. For better or worse, you two are drawn like magnets to the other. Just know a serious stand-off could occur with one of them in the time mentioned, if you’re not conscious of your actions. In all honesty, most Libras are diplomatic, so it’ll probably be something you initiated to SET THINGS OFF! But you might not win, so don’t start it. I tell ya this, though– a hot night of sex with The Scales could prove to be some of the best action you ever had. Just proceed with caution– within the first two weeks of this month, that is. After that, feel free to love ’em up!

The last weeks of the month may prove to earn you some good money, providing your ideas are outside-of-the-box. Your love-life can experience a revival, as well. Think differently than you ever had before.


Venus, your ruling planet, will enter Gemini soon and stay there for longer than usual, till August 10th. Venus usually only stays in a sign for twenty-eight or so days. But for some cosmic reason it’s slated to stay with the playful twins for the duration of Spring and Summer. This spells much fun for you, Geminis, and Libras. Embrace these two seasons, they belong to y’all! Get out and have much fun! Money may act right all of a sudden; play lotto much, visit casinos much, have a ball! Enter fun with no desperate energy though. Remember, Venus doesn’t like desperation. She’ll flee so quick if just the slightest air of desperation enter her space. “Angels tread not where fools rush in.” It may be easier for Gemini and Libra to keep their energy light, they are air, but you are an earth sign, being “light-hearted” may prove to be somewhat of a challenge; but try it. You may like it. Smile.

Cop a piece of Pink Rose Quartz Crystal, ladies, keep it in your bra, brothas, try to keep it in your underwear. It’s more powerful when it’s constantly touching the skin. Be sure to clear your crystals before you wear ’em. Also, the metal of copper belong to Venus. Wear copper jewelry this season. Wear green, especially on Fridays, her day. Celebrate her, so she can celebrate you. Ma’at.

Now, the downside. Well, depending upon whom monogamy matters to, this ‘ll be deemed a downside, but all else may love this cosmic notion: Yeah, you can fall in love with two. Or engage in two love affairs this Spring and or Summer. All I ask is PLEASE be Honest. Honest to all parties involved. The masses are not conditioned to believe in astrology, they’re not trying to hear that the cosmos sanctioned you to have two love affairs cause Venus (your ruling planet) is in the sign of the twins! Again, be open and candid, and all should go well.

On the 5th, begin something new. A new exercise regimen will be well-placed. Or even a new book, preferably, a thick interesting one. Stick with this new discipline to at least mid-month; hopefully it’ll keep you so occupied that you won’t have time for friends or family; time for them to enter your space and alter it in any maligned way.

There’s some aspects that denote some kind of betrayal (especially in the support sector of your life) in or around the third week of the month. Don’t be paranoid, just be aware. Around the 21st, if applicable, cut them off, or cut it off. Something or someone has been a thorn in your proverbial side, the connection is no longer fruitful, to you or them or it, sever ties. But remember, sever-in-love. Your ruling planet, Venus, also rules personal love. You got this!



Mercury, the planet of communication, your ruling planet, has been retrograde since early last month. I know how you feel. My Gemini friend, Aurora, said something not too long ago that made me giggle, paraphrasing, “Ugh; every time Mercury is Retrograde it feels like I’m on my period for three weeks straight.” I imagine this could be how most Gemini [and Virgos] feel during their retrograde period–no pun! The good news? After the 4th, it, Mercury, goes direct, baby. The double ten pound paperweight feeling lifts from your tongue and direct-thinking capacity.

Speak. Write. Think. Be Free-Communicatively! Yes, I added a “ly” to that word. So what. Allow me to do my thing freely with Mercury, too. After midmonth when Mars goes direct, and by the end of the month, you have a beautiful trine to it, Pluto in the eight, Venus about to enter your sun sign, golly gee, I’d take up residence at my favorite casino most of this month, cause hey, you never know? But what I know–  the cosmos is certainly geared to be friendly to the twins this month, this season, and summer too, due to Venus’ station there. Also, if you wanna have fun with it, look up the birth/erect dates of different hotel/casinos. See which ones have a Gemini or Taurus or Libra birthday, pay those a visit too.

Sweet sexy love affairs are on deck. But for you, Mr. and Ms. Double-the-Fun already, you’re likely to have four lovers or four love affairs, beginning this month and stretching through to mid August. Ty not to fall in love. Hey hey now. I love Love just as much as the next guy. But when they begin with twin-energy, it’s very very sketchy how they’ll proceed in a sustainable way. Think in the vein of a Marilyn Monroe type of love, research her bio. You’ll see what I mean.

Suggestion: Ladies, wear a Jade Egg. And carry a Pink Rose Quartz Crystal. Men, carry the pink crystal, plus meditate often, there’s likely to be so much sex thrown your way, good gosh! Stock up on condoms. But also listen to the late rapper Guru’s song “Discipline,” exercise it. Just cause it’s thrown your way, it’s okay to say “No Thank You,” sometime. Also, there’s a great blog written on male monogamy on the site. No, I can’t type the site’s name, its title disturbs me. If you wanna read it, email me and I’ll forward it to you. Just know that I don’t know the author personally, nor do I gain anything by sharing his blog with others. He just has some really incredible insight regarding fidelity.

Midmonth, there’s a ninety degree aspect of tension between you and the opposite sex. This celestial position can make for some really intense love-making, or really intense beefin’. Also during this time you wanna really make that decision regarding your job, no more pussyfooting around the issue. Decide.

It’s a season to make new friends to-boot. Socialize. It’s what y’all do best.



I once saw a video/documentary on this subject–an incredibly good one; what I’d give to find view work again today. In it the narrator stated that the great writers of the planet have Cancer on the ascendent. By the way, all of these entries, here in this column, are key for the sun sign and if that sign is also on the ascendent; in some instances, I may even go so far as to include the moon sign in that grouping–if it’s the same star sign.

Cancer, this is a good month to start writing down your feelings, don’t just “feel” them and settle for that, document them and clear with that! If you’re a Cancerian writer already, great. Good time to fine-tune your craft.

There could be some discord with siblings and or neighbors. Writing promotes tuning out such annoyances. It helps you detach well. But watch your words, in the written and verbal sense; but especially in the verbal sense. Just for this month. We’ll discuss the cosmic newer findings for you, next month, Mr. & Ms. Moon Child. Come to think about it, listen to the late great singer Rick James’ song by the same title “MoonChild” while typing and or clearing in your domicile.

You intuitive bunch. You certainly are wise psychic children of Sweet Lunar. These first two weeks you may feel the hots for a co-worker. Don’t worry, it’ll pass. I’m not an advocate of on-the-job romances, so I won’t give this idea too much breath or in this written-case, too much text. But you’re grown, thus, you gonna do as you wanna do–and rightfully so! Who am I to tell you not to do tha do? Lol… With that said, just know, though hot and heavy, it can fizzle out as quickly as it fizzled UP. And for a water sign, one that typically wears their heart on their proverbial sleeve, a sudden ending can impact you HARD. Again, proceed with caution…if you are to proceed at all.

By mid-month, pressure on the job and or within the family can erupt. Be ready! Or, pre-empt it by doing what needs to be done to prevent the B.S. I can see the cosmic story, but YOU KNOW your personal story. Handle it! On the 21st start anew. You already know what I’m referring to. Stay true to you. Especially the new and improved you. Evolution is the only way UP & OUT.



What friend do you have a crush on? Or, what friend has one on you? Venus in Gemini just up’ed the ante BIG TIME, regarding these “crush” vibes. This twin-Venitian energy will aid in making you quite the social beast this month too. Enjoy it!

Gosh, it’s so difficult when platonic lines blur. Leos (and fires signs period) tend to be very open and direct regarding their romantic interests. This tells me that this eros alignment (between you and them) snuck up out of nowhere! It has to be a shock to your system. Someone whom you’ve never seen in “that light” suddenly sparkles. You can’t make any sense of it. Thankfully a Leo won’t waste too much time trying to. Once your heart strings feels that tug you ACT. Fire WILL not be ignored. So you know it won’t ignore its own inner-flame…for another.

All I ask you to consider is, is it really worth forfeiting a solid friendship? Real friends are far and few in between. Remember, sex either begins or ends something. You’re sure it’ll (sex) end the friendship [as you two know it] but the mystery is.. what will it begin? Scary, I know. Risks are suppose to be scary. Suggestion to offset some of the scary-cells: April 15th start a three day fast from all meats, any dead vibrations, & meditate on it. The clear answer will come to you: Keep ’em as a platonic friend? Enlist ’em as a friend with benefits?

In the meantime, you two continue to have fun as friends. Clearing throat–platonic friends. Oh, one more note, spend time with your children. If you have none, then spend quality time with someone else’s. Trust me, they’ll love that you’re taking them off their hands for the weekend. Listen closely to all the child or children say to you, or within earshot, something said from “the mouth’s of babes” can give you a great money-making idea! Try to tape-record your whole time spent with them. You’ll see what I mean later. Have fun with them “creating,” anything that y’all create will be key.

Once rich, remember to place those kids’ names in a trust for their college fund. Ma’at.



Hey Virgo, as I’ve shared with Gemini above, I know it’s been a trying year thus far. Doubly for you, with Mars being retrograde in your sun sign since January, then in March, Mercury–your ruling planet, going retrograde, after the 4th, no, better yet, after the 14th, you are gonna feel a world better. Till then, I invite you to do what y’all do best–analyze. Think of everyone you’ve ever offended, or everyone who feels that you’ve offended them in the past, write the whole incident out, read it with an open heart and no ego, three days later, then, do something radical, apologize.

If done sincerely, watch how the rest of the year unfolds for you. On the 15th fast from all solids, processed foods, if you can, and any dead vibrations. Take to herb teas, especially Valarian tea. Purified or alkaline water. Once you feel Good! Sing that James Brown song and wish your good vibration and good health for the whole planet.

Venus is on top for you. Take to singing Beyonce’s (another Virgo, by the way) “Love on Top” in the shower, while driving, etc. A May-December romance is a strong possibility. If it occurs, know that the love affair may last just about the span of those months or that same number of months. Keep your eye on your opposite sign as well as on Geminis. Sex is likely to be SMOKIN’ with either, but possible deception hangs in the balance. Just be aware! Especially for this month of April.

By the 20th, you’ll be feeling yourself. Enjoy the renewal and rejuvenation. Visit a spa. Keep a dream journal.



Sexy Scales you’ve long since held a love affair with and for learning. But this month you’re likely to fall in love or want to fall in love with a professor or an educator in some capacity. If you are already in love with one, then the union will only heighten. Go away, just you and them…if you can. It may prove to be quite the vacation. Or, you may go away and fall in love with a foreigner, one that just happens to be a teacher.

Either outcome, these astro-spikes are peaking in this favor for you. Seize it! Cupid is aiming at y’all. A Pisces male, for you Libran ladies, may be secretly desiring you but he just don’t know how to approach you. In this case, you may have to make the first move. Libra males, a Piscean lady may hold secret contempt for you. Find out who and find out why. Your brand of balancing reason may not only dissipate her quiet contempt but it may inspire her to love you.

This entire year may seem like there’s a lot of different people coming in and out your life. Don’t sweat it. Learn from each and teach each, all in all, stay balanced. Jupiter decides to pay your eighth house a visit. Have him pay rent there by visiting a casino. I’d choose a Friday to go.

These first two weeks you’re likely to be hella busy. But remember to deal with your inner fears, sacredly. You’ll never quiet them by staying busy, that’s just a mask. By month’s end, some kind of deep Karmic issue could unravel, be it a family secret is exposed, or you meet someone from a past-life. You’ll know it’s them by the heaviness you feel in their presence. To aid with this, I recommend acupuncture, tell the administer you want the “Shining Sea” treatment. This treatment is said to help you “see” yourself, as in see your core.

This way the core isn’t too SHOCKED when it see itself through the lens of a being that knows it from the primordial plane.  This can also be applied to those with Libra on the rising.



Like Aries, Mars rules your sun sign too. So I know you feel its current retrograde in Virgo. Even if you’re not sure why you feel so blah, sluggish, especially in communication and analyzing current concerns, trust, an astrologer ‘ll know why soon as you utter your sun sign to them. Sun is now in Aries, god-of-war, but it’s ruling planet, Mars, is still retrograde. Be wary of any back-dated beef mentioned. Steer clear of old croonies. I see wars with chums for y’all stingers this month. Do what the Scorpion does best–isolate. Relish that solitary thing, if only for this month. The “me-time” may serve you well.

Take a closer look at your aspirations and inspirations. You too, keep a dream journal. Buy that tea online called “Brilliant Dreams.” Try to fast with that and purified water till the 18th. By then you should be feeling much better!

Artists looking to start a business, after the 18th is the perfect time to do so. It’s a good time to meet someone new, too. Venus in the 8th. Yes, you too oughta visit two casinos. Meet up with the rest of the astro-bunch there. That Venus in Gemini is likely to be pleasing to us all–if we know how to apply her. As Lauryn Hill (a Gemini) said in her cut “Take It Easy,” “Just cop me properly.” Yes, just treat Venus right, and ole boy, will she treat you right!



Saggies, as with everybody else, chill with signing anything till after the 4th–especially anything of major purchase or purpose. A Sag is game, so I’ma go on and just blurt out what Spirit just delivered to me for y’all… Find you a Cancer female and ask if you can lay your head in her crotch? If she agrees, it’ll have to be for a period of “4”, be it four minutes or four seconds or four hours, make sure it’s “4”, time yourself if you have to. Meditate deeply while there. Keep this as non-sexual as you can. Relaxation or meditation music can play softly in the background, other than that it should be totally peaceful and quite. Burn sage and cedar in the house (please be in a home, preferably her’s) while doing this. Yes, she can be totally clothed. But she has to be open (yes, literally and figuratively) to this spiritual exercise. If she’s not, it could foil the divine intent. Once done, get up and immediately write down all that came to mind while down there. Have her sign, with love, at the end of your writings.

Do not go to her home empty-handed. Bring her “offerings” for her participation and openness. Cancer rules the Motherland, yes, Africa. Do you see how serious this exercise is now? Do it when the moon is in a feminine sign.

If she’s your lover, all the better. Caress her breast while your head is in her womb. Hold divine loving thoughts. For Saggie females, you can do the same, and no you don’t have to be a lesbian. If you have an elder female in your family, ask her if she’d be willing to participate. Bring her gifts/offerings too. No, you don’t have to do this everyday this month, once will suffice. I’d shoot for application on the 6th or the 21st though.

Matters with your career, Sag, may seem bleak right now. Don’t worry, this too shall pass. Enjoy all the love this month has to offer. Venus enters your opposite sign, you too stand to really benefit from this station. But be realistic. Always discern what’s true love from true infatuation. Your key phrase is “I Perceive,” do that.

Libra Love may prove to be hella-spicy! Lap it up, but refill the bowl. Don’t leave ’em barren when the fire fizzles out. No need in incurring unnecessary new bad karma just cause the thrill is gone. You too can start a new business in the third week, if this has been an ambition.



Did you finish the book yet? If so, this is the month to get it published. If you are thinking about writing one, do so. If you’re not thinking about writing a book, you may strongly give it some thought this month. Connect with more people on the universal scale. If you are on a social networking site already, this may be an easy undertaking. This is the time for you to learn about international policies.

Transformation will court the goat this month tremendously. Use it (hence your key phrase “I Use”) to your advantage. If you wanna loose weight, here’s the time to start. If you wanna gain weight, now’s the time, etc. Just wield your magick wand. You may really feel at home at work this month. If you don’t have a job, you just might land one. You too are likely to have a crush on someone, or, someone might have one on you. You already know my sentiment regarding this matter so I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, April shines for you Capricorn. You may not feel all the retrograde drag at all. Lucky Sea Goat.



By mid-month, the family, the home, ugh! Your patience could wear thin with either or both. Run! Escape. Do you have a time-share? If not, know somebody that does? Get away. Return by the end of the month, hopefully that problem would have worked itself out.

Especially if all adults are involved. They should know better. Your overweight neighbor… how are things going? Be patient. You may consider just moving all together. If finances doesn’t permit right now, consider Feng Shui. Move things around in your home to produce a more auspicious vibration. Study it online and buy a good book on the subject-matter. Whatever you do, GET MOVING!

If you decide to sell or buy, I’d wait to the end of the month to do it. Moving around for or with your job may come into focus too. You’re up for it. “Change” is ruled by the planet that rules your sun sign: Uranus. And Uranus is currently in Aries, a fire sign. Thus the move, where you’re heading, all, should be exciting! Venus in your fifth… Yeah, stop by a casino too. Insert a Jade Egg, burn some cinnamon and nutmeg before you hit the slots, and whatever you do, have fun with it! Also while Venus is stationed there, love affairs are heightened. If you are already in a committed relationship, have an affair with your significant other.

There’s nothing more sexy than injecting “newness” into an already stable, devoted union. Merge their ideas with yours and make it happen.  By month’s end, someone from the past could pop up.

This contact could be deeply healing for the both of you. Pardon the paradox, but, be open, yet guarded. Trust me John and Jane Q Water Bearer, with Venus entering your fellow air sign, Gemini, you’ll find yourself fully capable to pull off a whole host of dualities, effortlessly. Because your sign rules humanity, also be mindful of the Pluto square Uranus aspect, causing a lot of upheaval in the world, stay in meditation and pray for us all. We all have the power to do this, but YOU, Aquarian, really have it.



Mercury Retrograde has probably been a pain in your fins too. No worries you’ll be swimming merrily again after the 4th too. Like Capricorn, take to writing with wild abandon. Just write, worry how it’ll read later. Purge your system via pen. Neighborly interactions should show rewarding. But, as mama used to tell us, “don’t wear out your welcome,” they might not be as affable next month when the planets move again. Yes, the cosmos do have an affect [and effect] on mankind, whether we believe they do or not.

However, things can be a tad quarrelsome with your significant other–especially if they are a Libra, Aries, Aquarius or Leo. If you are with your opposite sign, Virgo, it still may not be a walk in the park. Just seize the opportunity to chill with neighbors this month, the stars say it’s okay. Space is always good to neutralize bickering households. If all is well in your romantic world, Pisces, then obviously, this does not apply to you. Lucky you. Also, joint bank accounts… Just be aware. I’ll leave it at that.

If you are single, by the end of the month, a person emerges, they feel good, but the cosmos only show a sweet-fling pertaining to the subject. You choose whether you want to go forward with it or not. Whatever you do, don’t lead them on. Point-in-Case: Have you ever seen the movies “Fatal Attraction” or “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate?” Mmmhmm, yeah that.


Have a thoughtful month! For questions and or personal readings feel free to email me.

Grear “Yaddie” Turnbull has always held an affinity for the stars. Since a child she always felt a strong connection. One that wouldn’t subside, no matter who or how many didn’t believe. In her mind, whether you believe in them or not, you still have a birthday. If you can look up or through a telescope and see the stars/constellations yet still believe they hold absolutely no meaning. Then you gotta believe that man holds no meaning, either. Just as God created man with purpose, He created the stars with purpose as well. All His creations mean something. The mystery of life is figuring out what that something is. Also, in Yaddie’s mind: How POWER-FULL is it to know that the majority below have been programmed not to believe in you above, yet you STILL have the nerve to stay in sweet celestial motion and twinkle & sparkle anyway! The audacity of SHINE, despite earthly sheepy shame. This strong sparkle’ly stance epitomizes Kandi’s “Fly Above” song. Astrology (logy = the study of, astro = astronomy/stars…hence, the study of the stars), astro-logic is geometry. Geometry is math. Math is a Science. Just note, they gave us the greenlight, the OK to believe in math and science. Carry on… 

Disclaimer: Content is for entertainment and informational purposes only. All of the astro-offerings above are just that “offerings.”

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